A Homeless Man in Victoria Turns Down Thousands of Dollars to Help Others in Need

Here’s a feel-good Friday story for you.

A homeless man in Victoria recently found more than $2,000 on a suburban Victoria street – and turned it in to the West Shore RCMP.

But that’s not all.

It didn’t take too long for word to spread and for fellow good-hearted Canadians to raise thousands of dollars for him. The thing is, he didn’t want any of it.

The unidentified man – who is in his 60s – would prefer that the donations go toward helping other people in need. He has not spoken publicly in the two weeks since the incident, but told police that his only wish is for help in finding a job.

As for the money, Const. Alex Berube says the man inquired as to how it could be donated to a society called Our Place and others that provide food for people in need. Investigators encouraged the man to rethink his decision overnight, but his views didn’t change.

Meanwhile, the person who lost the $2,000 has reclaimed his money upon answering a series of identity-verifying questions.

Mike Kelly of the media website Victoria Buzz started the fundraising campaign, which saw over $5,000 in donations. He says he is committed to do whatever it takes to help the man find work.

I have a feeling it’s not going to take long – after all, people like to work with good people.