A Healthy Start to the New Year in Calgary

The New Year is a common time to press reset. With a plethora of advice, products and trends, we’re highlighting the most popular Calgary health and wellness resources to help you detox, reduce stress, get fit and spring into 2012 with more energy.

Fresh Cleanse
Juice cleanses are all over the media right now, and rightfully so. When done right, there are amazing health and detoxification benefits to help you kick start your 2012 health goals. Get ready for increased focus, improved mood and a much-needed immunity boost.

The advantage of the Fresh Cleanse is that all the work is done for you, using the hydraulic juice press; you get fresh-pressed juices delivered right to your door. Choose from a three or five-day cleanse program, each consisting of six juices per day.

Saje Natural Wellness2308A 4th Street SW, or at CrossIron Mills, 261055 CrossIron Boulevard
Walking into Saje is like slipping into a serene and rustic apothecary store and smells of pure relaxation – if it had a smell. Using essential oils and aromatherapy, Saje uses age-old natural remedies for common ailments. Fan favorites are the SleepWell for sleep aid, Stress Release for headaches, tension and mood fluctuation, and Arrive Revived for the young professional jetsetter, which relieves weariness and fatigue.

Saje’s pocket pharmacy is discreet enough to stash in your desk for relief from stressful work encounters. Your peers will wonder why you look so relaxed.

Preventous Collaborative Health1635 17th Avenue SW
More than the typical weight loss program or family doctor, Preventous is leading the way for many new integrative & alternative health clinics. They take a 360-degree approach to health and wellness, focusing on prevention instead of prescriptions for illness.

Enter into their Twenty-Four Seven Club program comprised of nutritional consulting, preventative medical counseling, fitness planning, and skincare rejuvenation. You’ll see changes with your weight, energy and stress levels almost immediately.

Not sure where to start in the New Year? Consider a session with their life coach. A life coach can be an integral part to lifestyle changes and keeping those 2012 resolutions by inspiring and keeping you on track while you hit your key milestones.

Planet Organic Market
We all want to eat well and live well, which is all the better when tactics are easy to incorporate into your busy day-to-day young professional life. Planet Organic Market has long been offering free monthly classes on a variety of topics in order to arm people with the information they need to live well. Learn how to make detoxifying and weight-loss smoothies and raw soups, how-to cook with Indian spices, or prepare foods that fight cancer.

Check out their January classes and shop luscious, organic, and often locally-sourced food at their two Calgary locations; 10233 Elbow Drive SW or 4625 Varsity Drive NW.