A Guy Wore His GoPro to the Office and Perfectly Edited the Footage in the Style of a GoPro Commercial

Well, this is awesome.

Perhaps not as awesome as someone rocking a GoPro on their heli-skiing trip, but you know what, not all of us enjoy the excitement of screaming down a mountain.

A POV removing staples from a document, however, is one form of excitement we can all get behind.

Cut and edited like a GoPro commercial, this man’s normal day at the office suddenly comes across as a high-energy epic rather than an onslaught of mundane tasks.

Thanks to the perfect soundtrack courtesy of OVERWERK, everything from using fax machines to putting stamps on envelopes seems more akin to an extreme sport than a mind-numbing responsibility. 

Banality just got lambasted.

Then again, if we could shrink all of our days down to a minute and a half of music-accompanied action, we might be able to make them seem fun too…


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