A Growing Number of Very Stupid People Are Buying iPhone Cases That Look Like Handguns

Here’s a terrible idea: making something look like a gun.

Especially when it’s something we use most often in our lives, is stored in a lot of the same places you would conceal a weapon, and that we reach for every few minutes.

That’s right, a growing number of alarmingly unintelligent human beings are buying iPhone cases that look like handguns. They even have a handle with a trigger for optimal imitation.

Most people with even a few notches of foresight can recognize the stupidity – and danger – of this trend, which is especially concerning for police. Many law enforcement officials across the United States are pleading for people not to buy the cases, which is an incredibly wise request considering how often we’ve seen the shoot-first-ask-later approach gone awry.

The cases are sold for as little as $4, which, though we trust your judgement, we will not link to in this article.

If for some reason you think these cases are a cool idea, let us kindly refer you to this.