A Free Recording Studio for the Public Just Opened in Vancouver

Well, this is pretty much the best news ever to the ears of starving musicians in Vancouver.

A free recording studio has opened at the Vancouver Public Library’s central location.

That’s a pretty big deal considering that recording studio rates typically start at $35/hour (and going up into the hundreds per hour) and the cost of living in Vancouver is pretty much the highest in the country. 

As part of the city’s new $600,000 “Inspiration Lab,” it’s complete with four sound studios and one recording studio with a central control room. The sound booths come complete with computers, webcams, microphones, an eight-channel audio mixer, and monitor. 

The 11×16-foot recording studio comes with green screen, video camera and dolly, studio microphones, and LED video lighting, as well as a connected control room with a computer and 18-channel audio mixer.
All you need is a library card (remember those?), and you’ll be able to book the studios in one-hour time slots for up to three hours a day.

The lab also features video production and editing, analog-to-digital conversion of cassette tapes, VHS and pictures, and self-publishing software. Staff will be on-site to help the technologically challenged (like your opera singing grandma) with the digital tools. 

The project – paid for equally by the city, the library, and fundraising – is part of the city’s commitment to easing the digital divide and helping more people access technology.

Photo courtesy of Rhianna Schmunk/Huff pot B.C


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