A Few Ways to Support Small Business During These Times

As Toronto and its surrounding areas transition back into lockdown status, the cold weather leaves little to no option for curbside pick up or outdoor dining.

What makes living in the time that we do so wonderful, is the abundance of options we have when it comes to the consumption of consumer goods. But with great variety comes great responsibility. The economic downfall that’s been caused due to this global pandemic will have repercussions that will exceed this time of crisis. It’s on us to make sustainable choices through conscious consumption, and play our parts in giving small businesses a fighting chance to survive after all is said and done.

Here’s how you can support small business:

Buy Gift Cards

I know it may not seem like it right now, but eventually this phase of our lives will be over, and we will come out on the other side of it. Just as suddenly, you’ll be back to your usual routine of classes, coffee breaks and manicures, so why not pay for those products and services in anticipation of when we get back to that, which we absolutely will.

Order Via E-Commerce

Let’s remember that a mandate of this pandemic is that we continue to distance ourselves socially, and stay home. These circumstances make for the perfect excuse to shop online and support independent businesses. It’s 2020 and anything you can buy in a store, you can definitely buy online. 

Sharing is Caring

Yes, being inundated with Instagram or Facebook stories for some may be overwhelming, but this could be the difference between a business sustaining and growing, or shutting down. If you learn about a promotion or event that a business has on, share it. If you enjoyed the customer service from a business you’ve recently supported, leave a review. If you think someone else will enjoy the business, share it on your story or comment and tag a friend.

Continue To Enrich Your Life, Virtually

Many of the services and providers you enjoy IRL are now being provided online. Everything from school lessons, therapists, lawyers, tutors, fitness classes, coaching, financial planners can all be accessed through an online portal continued through videos or online conferencing.

Tip a Little Extra 

Many online stores now have the option for you to tip when you checkout, where you otherwise would not have been able to. If you have a little extra to spare, give it to an industry that needs it.

Buy One, Give One

Many businesses operate under the principles of philanthropy, and part of their model may include a buy one, give one method, where you can help someone else who may need whatever it is you’re purchasing. Even if the small business you’re supporting may not subscribe to this methodology, you absolutely can. This not only doubly helps to support small business, but may also help someone who needs whatever it is you’re purchasing. Feel good by doing good. 

Every single purchase matters when you’re a small business. Even more so, our small choices can make all the difference in the world between them surviving or not. Let’s be thoughtful in the way we consume, and support each other. 

Here are some businesses you can support today:


Sunday General Store

Blood Brothers Brewing

Guelph Farmer’s Market

Kitchener / Waterloo 

Hustl + Flow

Walper Hotel

Baby Charlotte


Rainhard Brewing

Davenport Garden Centre

Cocktail Emporium

Maker Pizza

Pure Yoga