A Few Things That Kill Our YP Buzz

We don’t mean to kill the mood by bombarding with negativity when it comes to talks of everyday young professional (YP) life, but a few gripes have surfaced in conversation – and it seems a few of these things annoy and stress out even the most patient of YPs. Of course we realize there are bigger problems in the world than our seemingly trivial grievances and, though we try to put any negative thoughts aside, the following have the power to kill any chi we have going these days, and (ironically) it begins with yoga… 

When the Yoga Teacher Cuts Class Short
There’s nothing worse than the instructor who takes a disproportionately long time in warm-up or with shavasana just because it’s their third class of the day. Doing this is not fair to the class, especially when it costs close to $20 a pop. It annoys at the beginning, when we wonder when (for the love of God!) the teacher is going to start, and it annoys at the end when we wish we could have had a longer, proper workout, rendering us bitter and restless throughout shavasana (therefore defeating the whole purpose).

Speaking of Yoga… When the Teacher Forgets the Order, or Screws Up Left and Right
A major pet peeve (and one usually reserved for yoga classes at the gym as opposed to at a proper studio) is the instructors who can’t quite get their left or rights consistent, who forget about the other side, or do not spend the same amount of time on each side… and think you won’t notice. It’s forgivable once or twice throughout the class – everyone makes mistakes – but the class shouldn’t have to constantly remind you how to do your job. It’s annoying and takes us right out of it.

If it’s Not Yoga, it’s the Creeper in the Gym
It is one thing to glance around, but another to totally ogle that sexy stranger on the other side of the room. Those around you are already trying not to be self-conscious as we find ourselves in sometimes compromising situations (aka doggy style or otherwise bent over) within mere feet from fellow attractive young, fit strangers. Don’t make it more awkward than it needs to be. It’s bad enough that certain Toronto gyms already resemble nightclubs, but it’s not an invitation for nightclub behaviour.

That Person Unaware of Personal Space on the Subway…
Especially after a subpar workout, there is nothing worse than that person who is either blissfully unaware or just plain ignorant to the space requirements and personal space of people around them on public transit. This means not standing within inches of someone else when there is ample room to space out elsewhere. Nobody is thrilled to be there; why make it even more torturous?

The Word Twerk and Anything Miley Cyrus
We can’t decide what we’re sicker of hearing about… Toronto mayor Rob Ford or Miley Cyrus. Or the word twerk. Once thing is for sure: the sight of Miley’s tongue is really starting to annoy us for the sheer reason that we’re getting so sick of seeing it in all of its yellowish glory. The fact that the world is beyond obsessed with someone’s rebellious youth who is barely past teenaged-hood is beyond us. And twerking wasn’t even funny for the two minutes that it was a relatively new concept. So please stop doing it.

The Single vs. Couples Thing
It seems as everyone approaches late twenties and early thirties, there forms a divide between the couples and the singles. The couples don’t understand what’s wrong with their single friends, why they are single in the first place, and why (though they appreciate the invite) they don’t want to be the 15th wheel at group dinners (or worse, paired with another super awkward token single person). Meanwhile, the single set would rather talk about just about anything other than dirty diapers, screaming babies and in-law drama.

The Fact that We Can’t Always Ignore That Voice That Tells Us Not to Go Out for the Sake of it
At this point in our lives, there is so much happening in terms of work events, charity events, weddings, housewarmings, art exhibits and the list goes on. Why, then, must we still get that urge from time to time to go out on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday just because it was a Thursday, Friday or Saturday? From our experience, if you embark out for the sake of it, without a game plan and in pursuit of an amazing party that never materializes, you’ll be sadly disappointed in the cab ride home when you realize the entire night is a waste of money, time and an outfit.

Speaking of Outfits… the Fact That a Fall/Winter Wardrobe is So Much More Expensive Than Spring/Summer, and We Can’t Recycle Clothes as Much Thanks to Social Media
Having to look stylish for half of the year, through inhumane temperatures, slush, freezing rain and snow, is enough to want to live in another country. But why do those leather jackets, uber-warm parkas, jeans, boots and everything else have to be so damn expensive? We’d wear more of the same thing from last year, but social media has kind of killed our ability to so freely recycle clothing (whether Kate Middleton does it or not). No matter what, dead-of-winter clothing is not nearly as sexy, versatile or easy to work with as spring, summer and fall.

That Never-Ending To-Do List That Keeps Getting Longer and Longer
But really, who has time to worry too much about clothing when we have our ever-coming bills, deadlines, errands, family and personal wellness tasks to check off our list? No matter what, there never seems to be a moment in time where there isn’t something we really should be doing. And the worst part about it is that we’re watching “The Voice” instead, again, pushing it all back another day…

There you have it. And we’re done.