A Cozy Retreat: Bampot Bohemian House of Tea and Board Games

In case you’re wondering, bampot is Scottish slang for a headcase. One day, as he and his wife and business partner, Andrea, were talking, Glaswegian Mark Heins Newell let the word slip and it instantly stuck. Talk about being Crazy in Love.

Bampot Bohemian House of Tea and Board Games officially opened a few days ago at the corner of Bathurst and Harbord. From the outside, the building seems rather small, but step inside and you’ll find pocket after pocket of cozy space to sip some world-class tea in. Inspired by the teahouse culture in the Czech Republic, Bampot is attempting to open Toronto’s eyes to a whole new way of enjoying a few leaves. 

With more than 80 teas available, there truly is something for everyone. You’ll find green, white, black, oolong, rooibos, and herbal, as well as a selection of maté. The menu is, in fact, a small novel. But it’s worth it. Not only does it provide an introduction to every type of tea Bampot offers but every pot is also described in great detail. The difference between sitting down for a tea here and picking one up at your favourite coffee shop is the dedication to detail and process.

For instance, the Optimist’s Chai we order is the most labour intensive tea on the menu. Yes, it sounds strange to use the words labour intensive when describing a pot of tea but this is so much more than putting on the kettle and grabbing a bag of Tetley. A spiced green tea, this house specialty takes 15 active minutes to make. Ingredients such as pistachios, cardamom, sugar, and milk are added throughout the process and the tea is continually hand ladled to ensure proper oxidization. The result is a colourful rose hue that offers a delicious and complex taste far beyond anything you’ll ever find in the grocery isle.

Of course, you didn’t just come for the tea. Over a 150 board games line the teahouse’s back shelves and only cost $5 per person to play. Order one of their $8 main dishes (often a curry or stew) and you’ll cut it down to just $3 to play as long as you like. Which could be quite a while once you order some shisha to go along with your tea. And hey, if it’s your birthday, you smoke for free from the special birthday hookah. Which is basically like getting the best candle on your cake ever.

Open from 11am-11pm every day, Bampot Bohemian House of Tea and Board Games is a great spot to test out and get to know a pot or two of unique and well-made tea while spending a few cozy hours tucked away. We suggest you start looking for your favourite flavour now. 

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