A Couple’s Take: Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

It has always been said that spending enough time with someone provokes you to adopt their mannerisms, figure of speech and even their style. Coordinating ensembles with your partner can be corny if gone overboard, but subtly synchronizing your look with theirs can turn your lover into your finest accessory. In today’s day of modern love, it is advised that every young professional is continually camera ready, and being photographed or accompanied with someone whose look clashes with yours can ruin your whole semblance. 

One of our favourite fashionable couples is American socialite and “It” girl Olivia Palermo and her German model boyfriend Johannes Huebl. In the fashion world, where trends come and go as quickly as celebrity relationships do, it seems as though this twosome has won the challenge of harmonizing styles.

Olivia and Johannes have confidently found eachother’s style by using trends in a subtle way. They ingeniously combined the “sporty” trend with their typically more refined style to create the perfect balance of modern and classic. 

Clever colour and fabric coordinations can allow a couple to look complementary without the ridicule of directly matching their outfits. Olivia and Johannes paired the laid-back blue hues in their ensembles with an alike pop of lime green in their loafers to sync their looks.


Olivia and Johannes’ understated and classic look remains appealing with their more modern use of layers. By solely matching colour combinations, their looks maintain compatibility.

Though these two were inspired by different eras in their shape, they are parallel in the sophistication and glamour of their looks. Olivia uses the form of a typical 1950s dress to establish elegance and allure. Johannes looks dapper in this well-cut suit developed from the 1920s. Both looks are classic, minimal but modern.

Using an unconventional colour with more practical pieces rejuvenates a traditional look and leaves a polished and ladylike impression. As always, Johannes compliments Olivia with an understated pop of the same colour, handsome layers and and an impeccable approach.

The charming pair discreetly match their next look with tone. We love that Olivia consistently dresses for her body and we are always impressed with Johannes’ ability to update a classic men’s look. His number one fashion fundamental lies in the tailoring. Johannes highly suggests getting every piece custom-fit to your shape, as this significantly changes your look from respectable to impeccable.

Cover image from Tumblr.