A Couple Who Met Through Airbnb is Now Offering Free Stays for Other Couples

One couple can credit Airbnb for both bringing them together and funding their seven-month long trip around the world.

Bryan Ames, 34, and Marisa Henderson, 26, first met in 2012, when Bryan stayed as an Airbnb guest in Marisa’s Florida home. A visit-filled year later, she moved into his three-bedroom rental apartment in Boston.

The couple remodeled his place and put the other two bedrooms on Airbnb, charging $75 and $95 per night for the rooms. Proving the accommodation sharing website can be a lucrative business, the couple made enough money (about $2000/month) to fund the worldwide trip. They began their journey with $25,000 in Airbnb revenue.

Now, they’re sharing the love by offering their apartment for free on Airbnb to other couples who may not be able to afford to travel together otherwise.

From July 2016 to July 2017, Bryan and Marisa are extending the generous offer of a free stay to “dedicated couples who haven’t had the time or resources to have a romantic getaway.” This Boston getaway can mean everything from a honeymoon, to a needed vacation from the grind that wouldn’t otherwise be feasible.

Travel is one of the best things you can experience with your partner. The free accommodation means that a couple can spend their money experiencing the city together, building on their own love story in the process.

Bryan and Marisa are accepting couples’ stories at Airbnblovestory@gmail.com and will pick their favourites to stay in their home free of charge.

In the meantime, they’re off exploring the world. On their journey so far, they’ve hit Iceland, Norway, Spain, France, Morocco, Italy, Croatia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, the UAE, the Seychelles Islands, Tanzania, and Thailand. And they still have many more countries to go.

Marisa Henderson

Bryan, a head bartender, was able to fully secure his job upon return home from the adventure. According to Buzzfeed, Marisa, a career resource specialist, may return when she gets home as well.

If not, there’s always Airbnb.