A Couple in Houston is Selling Their $400K House for $150 and a 200 Word Essay

This might be the most clever way to sell a house we’ve ever seen.

For $150 and a 200-word essay, you could live in Houston’s most desirable neighbourhood, near great restaurants and shops, in a recently upgraded and renovated house worth $400,000.

The catch? You really have to sell the owners on why you want to live there with your essay and be willing to part with your $150 deposit whether you get the house or not.

So now you’re probably beginning to understand why anyone would put up such an offer. The homeowners are looking for 3000 offers, which, with a $150 deposit each, would net them $450,000 for the home. If they don’t receive 3000 offers, they’ll refund the money and likely sell the property at market value.

“By putting our home on the market for a dollar, we have made home ownership in an expensive and competitive market more affordable to a greater portion of the population,” the homeowners say on the project’s website. “By requiring a $150 offer fee, we hope to raise enough money to get close to the market value of the house while also providing an amazing opportunity for a new homeowner in a great neighbourhood.”

Legal concerns aside, it’s a very innovative approach to real estate.

Internet, do your thing.


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