A Canadian Woman Must Prove She Loves Her Husband of 45 Years or She’ll Be Deported from the UK

Most millennials would call five years a seriously long-term relationship.

Add 40 years to that – it’s pretty much an eternity, right?

Well, apparently 45 years of marriage isn’t enough to convince some that it’s the real deal.

In a ridiculous ruling by the U.K. border agency, a Canadian wife must prove that she loves her British husband, who she has been married to for a cool 45 years.

If she doesn’t she could get kicked out of the UK, despite her desire to spend her retirement there with her husband.

Basically, Maria Summers’ application for a visa was formally declined in 2014 on the grounds that her marriage was not affectionate enough. Summers and her husband David apparently didn’t provide enough evidence to show that their union was ongoing and emotionally supportive. 

The couple has appealed the decision, but if it isn’t overturned, their retirement will look a lot different than they had imagined it. 

They’ll be forced to sell their home in Hereford, England, sending David’s cancer-stricken mother to long-term care, and kissing their hand-holding retirement plans goodbye in the process.

Beyond annoying, right?

According to The Huffington Post, the drama began back in 2013, when the Summers sold their Ottawa home and set off to the UK to care for David’s ailing mother. At the time, British authorities told her that she was welcome in the country for six months, but would have to then leave for 42 hours to open a new six-month window for residency.

So the couple made the most of their retirement and took a one-week vacation to Malta.

When they returned, they were welcomed with scrutiny, and Maria was detained for five hours. She was photographed and fingerprinted. She then applied for an extended visa that would afford her the same travel considerations as her British passport-holding husband.

A apparent red flag for British authorities, the application included a copy of her marriage license dated 1970, and change of name deed from 1985. Of the name change, Summers said the entire family changed their names at this point for personal reasons. 

The authorities weren’t impressed, and said that her marriage was not all that she claimed it to be.

And so, they rejected it.

“It is reasonable to expect that in a genuine subsisting, supportive and affectionate relationship, there would be evidence of regular contact, signs of companionship, emotional support, affection, and abiding interest in each other’s welfare and well-being throughout the entire duration of your relationship,” the rejection letter states.

“…I am therefore not satisfied that your relationship is genuine and subsisting or that you intend to live together permanently in the U.K.”

So, now, the couple has to prove the strength of their emotional bond.

Her appeal includes things like photographs from over the decades that document their years as loving partners and parents to their 42-year-old son. Her only hope is that the images are strong enough to prove the strength of her long-term bond with her husband.

With no other option, Maria retuned back home to Ottawa last year while David stayed in England to take care of his mother.

Maria, however, returned to Hereford last month for David’s 70th birthday, and will stay there until the U.K. officials hand down their ruling in her appeal in late May.

In the meantime, we can expect that Maria continues to prove her love to David on the daily. She better have an Insta account going…


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