Canadian Town Finally Ditches its ‘Land of Rape and Honey’ Slogan

A northern Saskatchewan town has finally decided its “Land of Rape and Honey” slogan to be a little outdated. It will henceforth be marketed with the words, “Opportunity Grows Here.”

Better, no?

And yes, we’re being serious.

For almost 60 years, the town of Tisdale used the slogan “Land of Rape and Honey.”

Image: London Free Press

Image: London Free Press

“Rape” was a reference to a bright yellow rapeseed plant – a key crop in the town.

Not surprisingly, some expressed concern that the word may offend those who thought it referred to sexual assault (especially when a ‘Crime Stoppers’ poster accompanied the town’s welcome sign). Apparently (and again, not surprisingly), the town office would deal with angry calls from people who misinterpreted the slogan.

Last fall, Tisdale’s town council voted in favour of a rebrand of the slogan and logo after a survey found that a majority of the town’s 3,200 residents wanted to ditch the motto for a fresher, brighter option.


Image: Canadian Press

When talks of a new slogan first came up, it was highlighted that rapeseed now accounts for less than one per cent of the region’s crop yield anyway.

Yesterday, the community revealed a new logo, complete with the catchphrase “Opportunity Grows Here.”

But it wasn’t just the offended residents who prompted the change – it was also a wise business move. “Having a brand that is modern, unique and conveys an easily understood message is paramount in today’s competitive environment,” said Sean Wallace, Tisdale’s economic development director in a release yesterday.

He says that the new logo looks to Tisdale’s future while recognizing the town’s agricultural roots.

As reported by Canadian Press, the town believes it can attract foreign and Canadian investment thanks to its location as a transportation hub for rail and highways, the variety of crops grown in the area, the low land prices, and a modern infrastructure.

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