A Canadian is Taking the Best iPhone Photos in the World

Fact: iPhones are the most used camera in the world.

You know what that means?

Everyone and their grandmother assumes that because they can push a button they’ve earned the right to be called photographers.

(And it probably speaks to the quality of the camera that many of us are allowed to secretly pretend that we’re experienced artists the minute we enter Instagram.)

But, luckily, there are actually real artists out there right now who use their iPhones to capture some pretty unbelievable images. And one of them is Canadian John Lehmann.

So when Apple rolled out its Shot on iPhone 6 campaign, it was no surprise that Lehmann was selected as one of the 77 participating photographers from around the world to have their work featured.

Not only does Lehmaan share his specific tips and tricks for getting his iPhone pics perfect, but every photograph in the entire travelling exhibition lets you know the apps and filters used in its creation.

This is the kind of info that will definitely have you smiling for the camera.

So if you want to be the next Ansel Adams every time you break out your phone, take a look at what the best in the world are already doing:


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