A Canadian Fashion Designer is Making High End Adjustable Heels for Women

We’ve all been there.

It’s not even midnight, you can’t feel your toes, and somehow you’re still expected to hit the dance floor.

Well, it seems Canadian-born fashion designer, Tanya Heath has been paying attention to your cries (and blisters).
Now living and working in Paris, Heath has stepped into the women’s shoe game with, well, a game-changer. Her collection of high-end footwear offers customized, adjustable heels that let you slip from skinny to thick, 3.5” to 1.5”, in seconds.

Not only can you go from standing tall to standing firm, but the options are seemingly endless – letting you shift from the ballroom to your friend’s living room with an entirely new look.

And if you’re thinking this in anyway sounds cheap, think again.
According to the Globe and Mail, “Printemps Lyon, a luxury French department store, started selling Tanya Heath Paris shoes on Feb. 15, for around $370 plus tax.” But she’s already set up shop in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood if you happen to be in Canada’s largest city and want to get to stepping.  

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Heath also put emphasis on the fact that her shoes are anything less than luxury items:

“I think we would do well next to Jimmy Choo. We have the same kind of client as a Jimmy Choo girl, however we offer a lot more comfort and a lot more versatility. If we look at our database marketing with our Parisian clients, the strongest cross-over is with Christian Louboutin. So it’s really women who can’t handle the pain anymore, so they want the look but they don’t want the pain.” 

Check out the video below and see for yourself just how easy looking good could soon be:


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