A Canadian ‘Dude’ Has Just Revolutionized Beer Pong

In the days of increased connectivity, even good old-fashioned beer pong isn’t what it used to be.

The new generation of beer pong is here – and it’s better than ever. 

And no, you’re not too old to play (never!).

A Saskatoon young professional has developed an interactive beer pong table that features LED lights, a ball washer, and a touch-sensitive tabletop that keeps score (‘cause sometimes your beer goggles are just too foggy to do that yourself).

It’s called BPT X5. Basically, it’s a total game changer.

Beer pong fan Jeff Nybo was the winner of a 2013 contest for his table design. He’s since taken his invention to Kickstarter to start selling the kits and fully built tables.

The DIY kits retail for anywhere from $85-$400 US, and fully manufactured table – available for shipping come July – will set you back $1,800.

The figure is understandably out of the budget of most university kids.

Young professionals, however…

Hey, it’s “sophisticated” beer pong, at least. 


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