A Canadian Company is Selling Canisters of Fresh Mountain Air to China

As China deals with its latest air pollution problem, two Canadian entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the opportunity and selling bottles of fresh air straight from the Canadian Rockies.

What originally started out as fun has now turned into a successful business as the company is filling huge orders with China, due to extreme levels of air pollution.

The concept originally began when founders Troy Paquette and Moses Lam first sold a sealable food bag of air for 99 cents on eBay. They then sold a second bag for $168 Canadian dollars.

The pair launched Vitality Air shortly after, CNBC reports.

The company fills large cans with compressed air from the pristine Rocky Mountains and then dispenses the air into retail canisters and ships them worldwide.

Canisters of air from Banff and Lake Louise can sell for $10 to $20, depending on the size.They have received interest from Iran, Afghanistan, China, and other places abroad.

According to CNBC, Vitality Air’s China representative Harrison Wang, told MailOnline that the company sold out instantly after selling the product on China’s e-commerce site Taobao.

Wang also said Vitality Air will be sending another 700 bottles to China in the next few weeks, which will be their largest shipment yet.

This follows Beijing issuing its first ever red alert for smog last week, which resulted in many schools, factories, and construction sites being forced to close as well as implementing a strict a limit on car usage.

While the idea of selling fresh air seems like a laughable matter, Vitality Air has pointed out that at one point in time people thought that buying water in bottles seemed like a crazy idea.

So keep that in mind when you go for a run today – your exercise is someone else’s thousand dollar breath of fresh air…