A Bunch of Sugar Daddies Were Surveyed to Rank Canada’s Most Promiscuous Cities

SeekingArrangement.com is about as sleazy an online dating site as they come and has zero authority in analyzing data, which is all the more reason to keep reading.

The site essentially connects sugar daddies with younger women looking to exchange a little love for commodities like diamond earrings, cars, and rent payments. It recently asked 12,700 male members how many partners they engaged in sexual activity with in 2014 to determine which Canadian city has the highest percentage of promiscuous gentlemen (for all we know, the ladies could be going steady with their financiers).

Yes, trusting this segment of male society to truthfully quantify their slays is a major flaw, but, hey, it’s the weekend, let’s have a little fun and continue.

Seeking Arrangement determined the magic number to be seven – if someone surveyed slept with seven women last year, the threshold for promiscuity had been surpassed. While the national average hovered around 37 per cent promiscuity, results from our most sexually loose cities are fascinatingly high.

According to the survey, Toronto is the most promiscuous city in Canada, with 79% of men having more than seven sexual partners in a 365-day period.

A few conclusions: Men in Toronto probably have the most money to spend on a few accessory females here and there, are more chill about covertly paying for sex and, yup, that this is pretty much prostitution.

The city also boasts the fastest-growing school for sugar babies – University of Toronto – which is good for business all around.

Despite the annual Stampede, Calgary ranked as one of the least promiscuous cities in Canada: 76 per cent of men had only one or two sexual partners a year.

The top 10 below:

Toronto: 79%
Victoria: 76%
Gatineau: 73%
Edmonton: 71%
Surrey: 70%
Ottawa: 69%
London: 65%
Montreal: 64%
Vancouver: 63%
Quebec City: 62%