A Brothel In Austria Is Giving Away Free Sex To Protest Taxes

Since the day of our first paycheque, it has been drilled into us that only two things in this life are certain: death the taxes.

And how true that is…unless your name is Hermann Mueller.

Mueller owns Pascha Bordello in Austria and after allegedly paying almost €5 million in taxes over ten years in Salzburg alone (he operates brothels in four other cities) he has arrived at his wits’ end; the following announcement was recently posted on the Pascha website:

“We are not paying taxes any more. Effective immediately: Free Entrance! Free Drinks! Free Sex!”

The Associated Press confirmed the offer over the phone this past Sunday.

‘Cause obviously they’re open on Sunday.

To facilitate the deep discount, Mueller says that he will be paying the “professionals” out of his own pocket.

No details have been released on exactly what is covered – or uncovered – with the summer-long special, but apparently ambiguity is no deterrent to horny Austrians as The Oesterreich newspaper recently published a photo of a healthy lineup outside of the establishment.

As a result of the protest, we expect Austrian taxes to rise sharply in order to offset an anomalous spike in healthcare expenses.