A 9-Year-Old Calgary Girl Was Denied Her Medical Marijuana Prescription Renewal That Cured Her Seizures

Mia Wilkinson went from having 100 seizures a day to none over the last year and a half.

The miracle cure? Medical marijuana.

Mia used to take dozens of pills daily that had no results on her condition but since taking marijuana in oil form, she has been seizure-free for 18 months.

Despite the life-saving effect this has had on her, Mia’s mother’s request for a renewal has been denied from the doctor at Alberta Children’s Hospital who had prescribed it initially.

The reason being is that he can no longer do so due to hospital policy.

According to the Alberta Health Services, they are “unaware of any studies, data or recognized epilepsy organizations that recommend or endorse the use of medical marijuana in pediatric patients with epilepsy.” Given the oil’s positive results in Mia’s condition, this statement obviously makes very little sense.

Mia has only three weeks of treatment left, so pressure for a resolution is urgently building.

“It’s completely devastating,” says Mia’s mother, Sarah Wilkinson. “If she doesn’t get this, I’ll lose her.”

The family is currently appealing the decision to the Alberta Children’s Hospital ethics board.