A 5-Step Guide to Getting Hired After Moving to Canada

Canada has developed based on the principle that it embraces all religions, nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures, and offers opportunities for all those who venture across its borders.

This vivid picture is extremely appealing for those looking for a fresh start. While gaining permanent residence and finding a job is no easy task, it can often determine whether or not you’re able to stay in Canada.

For this reason, doing your research beforehand and proactively gaining the required tools and skills to get hired in Canada can be crucial to the success of your big move.

Here are a few things to consider if you hope to grow your career, become financially secure, and begin to feel at home here in Canada.

1. Volunteer and get involved.

This is so important for a variety of reasons. First of all, you’ll begin to grow your network, gain skills and experience within the Canadian workplace, and begin to make key contacts within your desired industry. It will also give you the opportunity to better connect with the Canadian community, while giving back and donating your time in a positive way. This is the experience that will set you apart from other candidates, which is vital when applying for jobs.

2. Contact immigration support organizations.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed as to where to begin once you’ve arrived in Canada, there are a ton of organizations out there that can offer you support during every step of your journey. From hooking you up with the proper dress code, to helping you earn equivalency certification for the skills and tools you have, there are both local and national organizations devoted to helping you make the grade. Common services include resumé building workshops, mock interviews, and mentorship.

A few organizations that can help get you started are the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program (CIIP), Canada Immigration Help, and the Immigration Department within the Government of Canada.

 3. Learn English (or French!)

If English is not your first language, then it’ll be extremely beneficial to you and your job search if you allow yourself to learn it more fluently. Having your native language will definitely be an asset within many job sectors in Canada, but most employers will also require you to have a certain level of English (or French, if you’ve moved to Quebec) in order to get the job.

Begin your English-speaking journey by enrolling in an ESL program within your community. They’ll not only assist you in getting to know English, but professionals will be there to proofread your resume and applications. They can also give you tips about entering the Canadian workforce. You can find these programs through the above organizations or try contacting your local community center — they’ll point you in the right direction.

4. Create a robust LinkedIn page.

Having an online presence these days is important no matter where you’re trying to get a job. This is a great way to present yourself and can help you connect with professionals before you even arrive in Canada. It’ll also allow you to join special interest groups, learn more about companies that interest you, and research the job qualifications beforehand, so that you can begin the process of finding a job immediately.

5. Network!

These days it seems to be more and more about who you know, which makes being the new person in town a challenge. The only way to conquer this obstacle is to be proactive and to throw yourself into every situation you can in order to build your network and begin fostering those relationships. Become a member of an association, go to free meet-ups, join special interest groups, attend events — the list goes on. It can also be very beneficial to take professionals out for coffee. That way, you can pick their brains about the job you’re after, find out information about the industry, and learn more about the Canadian job landscape.