A 17-Year-Old Artist Has Created a Brilliantly Detailed World Map of Stereotypes (Including Canada)

A talented 17-year-old Slovakian artist’s latest project will have you questioning why you didn’t make better decisions at his age.

Basically, he’s mapping the world for us in a whole new way.

Making for a no-fail holiday gift (yes, we’re going there already), Martin Vargic has an entire book of maps out now.

Perhaps the best one, however, is his crazy detailed “Map of Stereotypes.” The map is filled with more stereotypes than you knew existed, which range from countrywide to regional. And many are pretty hilarious.

“The first version Map of Stereotypes, released in 2014, took around six more weeks to finish. The second, much more extensive 2.0 version was made specially for the book. It took two additional weeks and contains more than 5000 original labels,” Vargic told Buzzfeed.

He also said that he gathered data from a vast variety of sources, including from TV Tropes, other online forums, and interviews with friends and family on the various international stereotypes they were familiar with.

The map also includes references to location-specific pop culture, fiction, and landmarks.


When it comes to Canada, we’re overall seen as a “polite” country, known in general by a bold, sweeping “Maple Syrup” label. However, we’re certainly not immune to the typical stereotypes, whether they ring true or not. For example, from the “Igloo” label to make the Northwest Territories, to “Frozen Bay” replacing Hudson’s Bay, and the mention of “Winterpeg,” everyone knows it’s cold AF here in our home and native land.

Of course, there were also the inevitable “eskimo,” “ice hockey,” “beaver,” and “fur trapper” references.

When it comes to pop culture, among Quebec’s labels is “Celine Dion,” while Stratford, Ontario couldn’t escape the Justin Bieber association (yeah, we could probably do without those two).

Other maps of Vargic’s to gain quick popularity include his “Maps of Literature” and “Maps of the Internet.”

All images courtesy of Martin Vargic.