A 12 Foot Wide Vancouver Home Just Sold for $1.35 Million

Thin may be on its way out in the fashion industry, but it’s apparently very much in demand in the housing market. 

Last week, one of Vancouver’s rare ‘thin homes’ – which is just 12 feet wide – sold for $1.35 million. 

Built in 1987, it’s one of about 60 thin homes that were built on half-sized lots and is believed to be the last of its kind. The lot size is 16 feet by 122 feet.

The split-level home on West 15th Avenue in Point Grey has a floor space of around 945 square feet. It houses one and a half bathrooms, a master bedroom, kitchen, living room, den, and a garage throughout its four levels. 

Despite its cute, dollhouse-like feel, the property is complete with luxury modern finishes and landscaping. 

One thing’s for sure: these properties definitely redefine what it means to “live lean.”
Photo Credit: Private Property Realty 


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