9 Ways to Make Sure You Actually Enjoy Monday

We swear it was Friday like five minutes ago.

Which is why we don’t blame you for coming down with a case of the Mondays every week.

But before you go ahead and assume that there’s no way out, we’re here to help you understand that the solution to kicking off your week on the right foot is actually pretty simple.

Here are 9 ways to truly enjoy the most hated day of the week.

1. Go to Sleep Early on Sunday
The world won’t end (and Netflix isn’t going anywhere) if you hit the hay a tad earlier on Sunday. More sleep equals feeling better and well rested on Monday, which equals to a more productive and well-balanced day.

2. Turn on Your Playlist
It’s been said that music increases productivity and positivity, so when you get out of bed, blast your favourite playlist and kick things off right. We always get pumped up to our 80s house party tunes. You can never go wrong with some Hall & Oates…right?

3. Keep Your Desk Tidy and Inspirational
Your office area is more important to your happy being than you could imagine. Having an organized space, knowing where everything is at all times, and creating a wall of inspirational images will automatically make your Monday more mentally and visually stimulating.

4. Take it Easy
This might be a tricky one depending on your work, but if you can keep things lighter on Monday, do so. Instead of taking on the most intense tasks of the week, try to take on the less rigorous. This will help your transition from weekend to work week more bearable.

5. Coffee Breaks
Coffee breaks are everything on Monday. Take a little time off to grab your caffeinated passion of choice – either alone or with some of your co-workers – and help keep your mind off work for just a few minutes. Grab that donut at the counter while you’re at it too. If any day should be cheat day, it’s Monday.

6. Look Forward to Monday Night
Make plans for Monday after work. It will make getting out of bed so much easier. Whether it’s a dinner with a friend, a movie night out, or a class at your local gym, knowing that you won’t just be miserable on your couch after work makes the Monday Blues, well, not so blue anymore.

7. Clothes Make a Difference
Looking good automatically boosts not only your self-confidence, but also your mood. Rock your favourite outfit to the office and kick that drabby Monday attire to the corner.

8. Leave Chores until Tuesday…or Wednesday
Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Monday has somehow become a day to catch up on everything and since you’re already dealing with the crushing reality that that the weekend is over, this game of getting things done will only depress you more.

9. Make a List
Making a list of things you’re looking forward to on Monday can really help. If there isn’t something readily available – create it. Whether it’s tackling a project, checking out a new lunch spot, or catching up on the latest episode of Better Call Saul, Monday has its perks.


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