9 Ways To Look Richer Than You Are

As Prop Joe says, “Look the part be the part…”

And in our ever-so-competitive cities, that can definitely involve a financial investment, but it can also be a lot about strategy.

Here are nine things to consider if you want to look as successful now as you one day hope to become… 

1. Don’t Neglect Your Nails
Don’t think that people don’t notice your nails, especially at this age in their inevitable scan for a wedding ring. This is even true for men; a manicure doesn’t have to mean a fresh polish (but we shouldn’t have to tell you that by now). Don’t let your nails ever become an eyesore. It can be as simple and affordable as nail polish remover and a drugstore nail kit.

2. Get Enough Sleep
Tired, weathered faces are not exactly associated with star level money and good looks. If you’re getting enough sleep, you’ll at least look like you’ve stepped out of an over-priced spa and that you can afford to invest in monthly facials and the most expensive cleansers.

3. Buy a Steamer
Wrinkles can make even the finest fabrics appear cheap and make you look disheveled – and that’s rarely a cute look. Even if you really can’t be trusted with an iron (for the sake of your clothes), a steamer on-hand offers a simple way to look crisp, clean, and polished (you know, like you would if you had more money).

4. Invest in Your Teeth
Your teeth are one of the first things people notice about you and often an inevitable focal point in a conversation. Crooked and stained teeth work for very few people. If anything’s worth a hit to the wallet, it’s your teeth. Whitening makes a massive difference, and braces are practically invisible these days (even if your friends still make fun of you).

5. Never Wear Worn Out Shoes
It doesn’t matter if they were once some of Prada or Christian Louboutin’s finest, if a shoe is worn out in any way, it will instantly cheapen your look. Shoes are worth the investment. If a new pair’s out of the budget, find a good shoe repairperson and take them in before they’re beyond the point of fixing.  

6. Don’t Over-Accessorize
If you drape yourself in accessories, it can look like you’re either trying to cover up or overcompensate for a cheap outfit, or to prove a point that you can afford it all. Follow Coco Chanel’s advice and remove the last accessory you put on.

7. Don’t Let Your Roots Become an Eyesore
If it’s too costly or time consuming to maintain your hair colour, opt for a colour closer to your natural. Roots aren’t going to work if you want to look the part – unless that part includes a terrible haircut. And don’t even try and pass it off as ombre.

8. Invest in Quality Denim
If there’s any item of weekend wear that’s worth the splurge, it’s your jeans. For starters, if you consider the cost-per-wear, a $250 pair that you’ll have for a few years isn’t all that bad. Quality jeans just fit a lot better, last a lot longer, and can be paired so easily with an inexpensive t-shirt. Not to mention, jeans are one of those things people always notice. 

9. Wear a Properly Tailored Suit
You really can’t even play the part if you haven’t figured out how to tailor your suit properly. It’s a life skill for the young professional gent.  If you aren’t already doing so, you should be following these guidelines from Garrison Bespoke. 


Cover image from: Stockholm Street Style

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