9 Traits of That “Friend” Whose Life is Better on Social Media Than in Real Life

We all know them.  

It’s difficult not to when they bombard your newsfeed with their perfectly polished shots and annoyingly positive status updates. Oh, and their flawless relationship, too.  

Let’s be honest, social media can lead to insecurity and envy and be pretty damn distracting… if you let it be. Since nobody has time for that, we suggest cutting out the distractions that hinder us from living our most notable life.  

That’s why we’ve decided to call out this unnecessary distraction. Here are 9 unmistaken traits of that “friend” whose life is better on social media than it is in person

1. They “like” and comment on everyone’s pictures but turn the other way when they see them in person because they don’t know them that well to make small talk in real life. 

Isn’t it funny how that happens? Next time, we’re going to walk right up to you and say ‘hi’ just to see how you handle it.

2. They “like” an eclectic, well-rounded assortment of musicians on Facebook but in reality they couldn’t name more than three of their songs. 

Or anything about the artists, for that matter.  

3. They only post shots right after they’ve had their hair blow dried or cut. 

You can totally tell the difference a fresh cut or blow dry makes. #youdidnotwakeuplikethat.

4. Their status updates are always somehow ways to brag about their life… no matter how discreet.  

We know you know exactly what you’re doing with that status update that serves no purpose to anyone but yourself and is designed to highlight your personal and professional successes. Of course, we all have something to brag about once in a while… but not every day. Let’s just kill the humblebrag altogether, shall we?

5. They only post only the shots where that angle makes them look as good looking as possible – after looking through the 30 they took to get it just right. 

You know that if you went through their phone, you’d find dozens of attempts of that “effortless” selfie they posted with #nomakeup and #nofilter. Meaning, they look worse in person. 

6. Their profile picture is actually from five years ago. 

Which makes it really awkward when you run into them in the grocery store and don’t recognize them

7. Every single outfit they own has already been photographed on social media. 

Sure, they look good, but they’re not that fashionable and dressed like something out of Hollywood all the time. Pretty much every piece of clothing and outfit they own has been photographed on social media. 

8. Everyone is envious of their “picture perfect” relationship… until they go out with the two of them and realize how much they actually get on one another’s nerves. 

Seriously, the more lovey-dovey the pictures, comments and posts to one another, the more everyone thinks you’re faking it. 

9. When they’re not posting about all the great things in their lives, they’re actually pretty dull in person. 

You thought they looked like a cool, upbeat and fun person on social media… but were shocked at how disappointed you were when you hang out with them in person. As in, you kind of wanted to leave. 

Sound like someone you know? Maybe it’s time to clean up your friend list.


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