9 Things to Know About Dating the Sporty Type

Following last week’s 9 Things to Know About Dating an Artsy Type, we thought we’d go ahead and tackle dating 101 with what is arguably the other end of the spectrum: the sporty type.

Of course this is not to say one cannot be both, but when it comes to the uber-committed, ultra-motivated, and particularly sweaty sporty type, this is one young professional (YP) character that requires a conversation all its own. 

If you are considering, or already enduring a relationship with a sporty YP, here are 9 things you have to know:

1. They shower…a lot:
Some sporty types require a pre-workout pick-me-up shower, and then of course the post-game shower, and then likely another shower to, you know, get ready. If you’re thinking of bunking up with an athlete of any sort, prepare to make time for those multiple showers… and to pay the big bucks come hydro bill day.

2. They eat non-stop:
We all know that eating numerous small meals throughout the day is a healthy strategy, but for the sporty type it’s more about survival and sanity. With their various physical activities and continually racing metabolism, the sporty type is always either pre-fuelling or refuelling. If you want to avoid the infamous hangry monster, it’s best to keep your sporty shorty well fed.          

3. White clothes don’t stand a chance:
Male or female, it doesn’t matter – if you’re helping out your active sweetie by taking on laundry duty, prepare to face yellow socks and armpits that even Martha Stewart can’t conquer. If you want your sweaty companion looking so fresh and so clean, you better find room in the monthly budget for crisp new whites.

4. Relaxing = sleeping:
Sporty types aren’t big on chilling, at least not in the same sense as the rest of world. For many athletes, even down time serves a purpose: to re-charge. So don’t be surprised if an invitation to relax is interpreted by your sporty type as a full-blown snooze.

5. They’re always mangled:
Get the Advil and IcyHot ready. Whether your sporty lover is an amateur or pro, know that they will likely be bruised, bleeding, or sore. Pretty much always.

6. They’re a bit superhuman:
With that said, also know that sporty types tend to be a tad superhuman when it comes to battling ailments that render the rest of us incompetent (ie: hangovers and bugs). Maybe it’s because they’re also health food nuts, or because their constitution is as beast mode on germs as they are in the gym; either way, don’t expect your sporty type to spend a full day in hangover mode cuddling on the couch.

7. They’ll ditch you:
A pickup game at 11pm on a Thursday, a team-building “get together” on your one month anniversary, or a workout that spills over into your lunch date are all legit reasons for the sporty type to ditch you. And how could you argue? Playing sports and being active is just so healthy, so beneficial… who are you to stand in their way? Yeah, it’s annoying, just get used to it.

8. They love to get active together:
Thankfully, however, sporty types also love sharing their passion with their partners because they know there’s no better way to connect than by getting physical together (meaning sports and fitness, of course). They may not want you to join their hockey team, or drop in on their dance class, but sporty types are happy to find activities that can also be enjoyed as a couple. So get moving and let those endorphins mix and mingle.

9. They’re determined as hell:
Finally, dating a sporty type allows you to see first-hand how being physically active and a team player can truly benefit all areas of YP life. Sporty types are motivated, determined, and passionate on the court, at the office, and in relationships. Enjoy!     


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