9 Things to Know About Dating an Artsy Type

There can be something especially exciting about dating an artist.

They have paint on their clothes, passion on their minds, inspiration in their pockets, and basically a joie de vivre that can border on feverish.

But whether your partner is a musician or writer, a chef or a painter, you also have to be aware that maintaining a relationship with the artistically inclined can come with its own challenges.

So if you’re already in or currently considering a relationship with an artsy type, here are nine things you need to know:

1. They Love… a Lot
Artsy types are usually all-or-nothing types. If you long to be loved by an artist, prepare to be loved full throttle.

2. They Also Love Themselves… a Lot
Being an artist, or more accurately a “starving artist,” is a tough gig, and one that requires serious self-confidence and resiliency. Artistic types need to be their own number one fans until (if ever) they find others who appreciate their work. For those interested in dating an artist, know that flaming self-love is part of the deal.

3. They Also Loathe Themselves
That said, for the artsy type there’s no greater critic than the minstrel in the mirror.  All that self-love can never quite compensate for the heavy self-doubt that plagues every struggling artist. As the partner, prepare to provide some generous tire pumping and continuous back patting.

4. They Care Too Much
Many artists would describe themselves as hypersensitive to some degree. That’s what makes them able to see and hear and taste and create the things than non-artists can’t. But it’s that sensitivity that also makes them more aware of the pains and injustices in the world. With artistic talent often comes crazy amounts of caring. Just keep that in mind.  

5. You Never Know What You’re Going to Get
If you haven’t got the picture yet, being in a relationship with an artist can be a bit like riding a rollercoaster. But that’s why you love them right? If not, and if rides really aren’t your thing, then best get off before you find yourself way up in the air, staring straight down at the ground, preparing for that inevitable free-fall.

6. “The Zone”
All creative types know just what we’re talking about. “The zone” is that space where inspiration flows free in its most awesome and purest form; where wonders are created and hopefully where money gets made. If your artsy lover happens to be in this zone, you’ll know because you no longer exist. Best advice: DO NOT DISTURB. 


7. When They Reappear
When the walls of the zone are finally lifted and you’re once again permitted to exist, get ready to become privy to the most sacred and joyous of all artistic rituals: dancing in the fleeting euphoria of success. This is an awesome time to be in the romantic company of a creative type. But enjoy it while it lasts, because another rollercoaster drop is undoubtedly coming ‘round the bend.

8. When “The Zone” Can’t Be Found
The zone, of course, is not a place any artist has a map to. It’s a transient space that can appear and disappear without rhyme or reason. And when the zone hasn’t been visited in some time, your artist will surely start to lose it. Suggest a refreshing walk, an exotic meal, a cultural activity, or spontaneous trip to help get your companion’s creative juices flowing. Or, just go away.

9. They Will Blow Your Mind
Finally, if you find yourself in a relationship with an exciting ‘artsy type’, expect the world to forever look just a bit different. Dating an artist allows non-artsy-types entrance into a special realm full of bold new colours, intense new sounds, and incredible new sensations. It may get a little insane at times, but it’s certainly worth the ride. 


Cover image from: Portlandia

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