9 Things to Do on Saturday to Ensure the Best Possible Sunday Funday

There’s nothing quite like a Sunday Funday.

That is, if it’s done properly.

If not, it can be a total disappointment. And nobody has time for disappointment on their precious Sunday.

Here are 9 things to keep in mind today to have the best #SundayFunday possible tomorrow. 

1. Get Your Errands Done on Saturday
Weekends are for errands – we get it. But try to hit the dry cleaners, Home Depot, and Ikea today. Do your laundry and other tedious household chores while you’re getting ready for your night out this evening. The best Sundays are worry-free Sundays.
2. Take Care of Any Work You Need to do Before Heading Out
While errands can sometimes be pushed until next weekend if they really need to be, your work probably can’t. And a Sunday Funday can’t properly be had if you’re preoccupied with that deck you need to complete or the 50 emails you need to reply to before Monday morning. Do it now; play tomorrow.
3. Make a Brunch Reservation
Nothing kills a Sunday Funday before it even starts more than having to wander around from over-packed brunch spot to over-packed brunch spot because you didn’t make a reservation and you don’t want to waste precious Sunday time standing in line – no matter how amazing the eggs benny are. Make a reservation. Now.
4. Check the Weather
A well-executed Sunday Funday takes into account the weather. At this time of year, it could mean the difference between a movie and sushi, or a patio session and marathon walk across your city.
5. Pick a Good Partner in Crime
Sundays are for spending time with people you care about – and that’s definitely important. Also important, though, is having a partner in crime who’s in the same chilled out, Sunday Funday mood as you are. The beauty of a Sunday Fundays is that they last all day – often filled with spontaneous adventure – so choose someone who won’t bail after the brunch bill is paid.
6. Do Your Research
We don’t have to tell you that our cities are better than ever when it comes to Sunday Funday options. This means everything from art gallery exhibition and festivals, to sporting events and mimosa/Bloody Caesar discounts at the dozen new restaurants that have recently opened. There’s no excuse to have a dull Sunday Funday if you do your research.
7. Don’t Make a Night Out of It 
Sure, there may be a cocktail or two involved when it comes to Sunday Fundays – especially when patios are part of the equation. But the last thing you want is for the day to turn into a booze-filled evening. Being hungover on a Monday will make it suck even more – plus it’s not a super great look to roll in smelling like booze…
8. Make it Your Diet “Cheat Day”
If you’re going to have a “cheat day” when it comes to your diet or gym routine, make it on a Sunday. There’s nothing healthy about some of your city’s best brunches, and Sundays are synonymous for shameless comfort grub – you can be good the rest of the week, just not today.
9. Plan a Cool, Comfortable Outfit
Sundays are the one day of the week where you can get away with wearing pretty much anything – the more casual, the better. Don’t kill your chilled-out Sunday vibe with uncomfortable shoes, restricting jeans, or an itchy sweater. You probably have a week of “business attire” ahead of you, after all. Sundays are for your own personal style. 


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