9 Red Carpet Rules for TIFF 2014

‘Tis the season.

You know, when Toronto’s no longer simply Hollywood North but rather so filled with stars most people forget about L.A. completely (at least for a week or two).

Still not sure? TIFF: we’re obviously talking about TIFF.  

The Toronto International Film Festival promises famous faces, films, parties, and, of course, no shortage of red carpets. And should you somehow manage to find yourself walking down one (trying desperately not to trip) there are a few things you definitely need to know first…

1. Don’t lurk or ask for your photo to be taken.
Don’t stand lurking, waiting for the photographers to take your shot. And never ask – let the photographer ask you.

2. Choose your outfit wisely.
Choose colours that photograph well, like a classic black or a dark vibrant colour. Also, go for something that flatters your unique body, not because it’s trendy or looks good on the mannequin. Take a few pictures at home in the mirror first to see how well your outfit looks on camera (and on you).

3. Know your place. 
We hate to break it to you, but – unless you’re Angelina or Brad – there are more important people on the carpet than you. Don’t over-stay your welcome and be conscious of other people around you who are also being photographed.

4. Don’t ask to see the shots.
This isn’t a leisurely weekend away with the girls and guys – don’t ask the photographer to see the shots. They’re busy.

5. Makeup matters.
This means things like HD-ready foundation and powder and a sheen-based powder to highlight, as anything too sparkly will catch too much light from the flash. Remember that concealer is your best friend when it comes to flawless skin. Go bigger and more dramatic than normal with eye makeup (complete with false lashes) for a look that pops. The most classic look is either a neutral eye with a bold lip or a smoky eye with a nude lip. Guys – a little powder never hurts you either.

6. Don’t make it awkward.
Be confident and natural. Especially when in the company of famous red carpet regulars, nothing screams amateur more than awkward poses or expressions. Don’t stare blankly or force a frozen smile. Putting your tongue behind your teeth with help you relax and make for a better, natural smile. And as unnatural as it may sound, practice posing at home in front of the mirror. If it feels like you’re trying too hard, you probably are.

7. Know your pose.
Part of not making it awkward is, of course, knowing how to pose. For the ladies, the most flattering pose usually involves a ¾ turn with the legs crossed at the ankles and a hand on the hip, but do what works with your outfit. The over-the-shoulder glance is popular if you want to show off the back of a dress, a toned butt, or hairdo. For the guys, face the camera head on. It may seem most natural to shove your hand in your pockets, but can make your hips look massive (but don’t put your hands on your hips either). Have one hand slightly open in your pocket and the other draped by your side.

8. Know your angles
With the pose, know your best angles. The way you position your face, as in, head tilted slightly down, up, or to the right or left, and which profile or angle you look better with—it makes a huge difference in how you look in pictures. Not sure of your best angles? Take a glance through the countless selfies stored on your phone’s camera and you should find the answer pretty quickly.

9. Don’t get in the way.
If you’re not on the carpet, don’t stand there and gawk at it. Not only will you look star-struck, you’ll be in the way of the line of media and the photographers – and they will get pissed off. Take it from us; carpets are cutthroat during TIFF for media.

And hey, if you get it right, you may just end up in print along with all the stars.

Come to think of it though, if you get it really wrong you could also end up there too…


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