9 Places To Work Remotely That Aren’t Coffee Shops

Working from home may sound like an office-job fantasy; sipping coffee in bed instead of wedging between two commuters on the subway, playing with your dog between projects, having access to a hot lunch that doesn’t cost you $15 plus tax.

As wonderful as it may be to work in your pajamas with a face mask on, it doesn’t always yield the best creative or productive outcome. If your job is remote, you may find that it’s harder to focus on working when you’re in such a familiar space. Working in the same setting you eat, sleep and relax in may not inspire your best work and may actually distract you from your task at hand.

Sure, there are coffee shops you can turn into your office – in fact, you probably already have a favourite – but there are tons of other space close by that you can utilize. These 9 places may allow you to be just as, if not more, productive than you would be in a cafe or at home.

1. Hotel Lobbies
Hotels are usually beautifully furnished, with tons of seating and notoriously empty on typical weekdays. Their wifi is usually extremely speedy and while it sometimes may be protected, you can easily get a general password from the front desk. Added bonus is most hotels have business centres with printers and fax machines if you need them. If you feel awkward working in the lobby all day, you could always get a drink at the bar or lunch at their on site restaurant.

2. Libraries
What better place to get all of your work done than a quiet, serene library? There are surely tons of public ones accessible to you just waiting for you to find them. They’ll have public wifi, plush seats and hours similar to most offices.


3. Museums
If you’re one who’s inspired by history or architecture, a museum could be a great spot to call your office for the day. Some, like the Royal Ontario Museum, offer free admission with a student card (no matter how old). Others have deals or discounts or freebies throughout the week. These places should have good wifi and also some sort of built-in cafe where you can sit and work amongst ancient (or modern!) art.

4. Bars and Pubs
Who says you need a cup of coffee to get to work? Many artists, poets, writers and actors turn to liquor for inspiration to get their creative juices flowing. There’s no shame in checking out the bar for the day – or night – to channel your inner Hemingway.

5. College/University Campuses
Channel your student days by visiting a college or university campus near you. Any school should be equipped with tons of benches, restaurants, libraries, cafes and quiet spaces for you to get your work done. Most institutions offer guest wifi but if you really need a log-in, you could always ask admin or a student!

6. Parks
Getting outside is actually an amazing, natural way to boost your productivity. have tons of light, natural beauty and occasionally wifi. While you might have to bring your own hotspot to work outside, it is a wonderful change up from the indoors especially on a warm, sunny day


7. Co-Working Spaces
These spaces were literally built for freelancers. Think of all of the amenities of an office in a space that you can come and go as you please. They’re great for meeting serious clients as they offer tons of boardroom and free work space. While co-working spaces are rarely free, you can find those who don’t charge for access. Shop around to see what’s available in your city – it’s sure to be a great investment.

8. Desk-Sharing Spaces
Desk sharing is a great way to test out different environment without committing to any big fees. If you feel like you’d be more productive in a corporate space, you can rent a desk at an office by the day or week! Don’t need a whole desk? If you ever want to host an important meeting, you can rent out board rooms for special presentations or to ‘wow’ your clients! ShareDesk.net is my favourite site for finding workspace near me!

9. Other People’s Homes
Whether it’s an AirBnb or a friend’s home, sometimes all you need is a change of scenery. See if anyone you know (and like) also works from home. If you’re in the same field, it could be incredibly beneficial for both of you to alternate working at each others homes, together. You can also try signing up for a house-sitting business to work quietly in a unique space and travel at the same time!