9 Montreal Cafés to Get Your Monday Caffeine Kick

Montreal owns Mondays.

It’s a fact. 

With some of the coolest and most exceptional independent Cafes in the country, we’re not afraid of the beginning of the week – hell, we embrace it.

From artsy and Instagram worthy spaces, to players that have been in the game since your grandpa was in his prime, here are nine notable Cafes in Montreal you need to try – starting today…

Cafe Falco
Hidden in Mile End’s industrial maze is this local gem. Cafe Falco shines where most coffee shops still trail behind – it offers syphon coffees. Straight out of what looks like chemistry class, the syphon coffee maker brews and balances the perfect cup of Joe. Owners Frédérik Froument and Yuko Toda skillfully choose their coffee beans from organic and sustainable roasters. Here’s the twist – Cafe Falco also serves up Japanese lunches. Rice bowls, rice balls, and soups are their mainstays but that’s not only what keeps us coming back – it’s still their quality coffees that take the cup.

Cafe Saint-Henri
A much-welcomed coffee shop sitting on the grounds of its namesake, Cafe Saint-Henri uses only sustainable and single-origin coffee beans roasted in house. Owner and coffee aficionado, Jean-Francois Leduc pours his heart and soul into every cup.

Cafe Névé
No fuss, no problem. Cafe Névé is just that. They always pour the perfect cup every time we go – and we go a lot. Located in two locations to better satisfy our caffeine itch – Cafe Névé’s newest location inside the Frank & Oak Atelier was a no brainer. Now all us Mile-End folks can get our Névé coffee all while shopping in our favourite Montreal store. Eat it, Monday.

Soucoupe Cafe
Hardly new in the game is this harmonious boutique-like coffee shop in the Petite-Patrie that has folks talking. With its minimalist design, gallery space, and cool latte art, Soucoupe Cafe is a breath of fresh air. Their smooth and righteous latte is what keeps us crawling back. They also offer heavenly doughnuts from Saint-Donuts that will also make your taste buds happy it’s Monday.  

Caffé Gentile
Located on the Chabanel strip, Gents is where you’ll find the city’s top fashionistas sipping on their beloved soy lattes. This Sicilian owned coffee and Panini shop has been around since the 1950s – and it hasn’t changed one bit. They are still pouring liquid gold. Want to make your winters a tad more bearable? Head down here for some of the best cappuccinos in the city, and hey, you just might find yourself sitting next to the heads of Mackage.

Cafe Myriade
Sitting at the foot of Montreal’s University district, Myriade has become quite the popular coffee bar for all on-the-go students and young professionals. Now spanning three coffee bars, it’s no surprise Myriade has flourished. Their latest Cafe sits inside the gorgeous new Club Monaco flagship store on Ste. Catherine St. From the friendly and knowledgeable staff to our first glorious morning sip – Cafe Myriade always puts a smile on our face.

Caffé San Simeon
Caffé is an art and Italians do it best. Located on Dante in Little Italy, Cafe San Simeon knows a little thing or two about good coffee. Having been in business for generations, the baristas have been brewing up authentic coffee for decades now. Their short espressos topped with a hint of crema are swoon worthy. Although we miss those hot summer days on their beautiful terrasse – their hot creamy lattes had us living la dolce vita  it’s more than worth the mid-winter visit.

Pikolo Espresso BAR
Pikolo’s charming two-floor espresso bar sits in a league of its own. Praised by many as the best coffee bar in town, it’s no wonder it made our notable list. They really deliver on every shot. Their hot pikolo lattes are on point, their cold brew Americanos hit the spot, and hell, even their espressos are above par. Get your instagram ready; this spot is a playground for your camera.

Lili & Oli
A huge favourite with Little Burgundy and St.Henri locals, this cozy Cafe serves top-notch coffee in a warm and rustic environment. A true neighbourhood hangout, where everybody knows your name – literally – this is a great spot where you feel right at home and can easily work from. Did we mention they love dogs? Yes you can bring your pooch along with you. Notable tip? Get there before the lunchtime rush, it’s a dog-eat-dog world after that…


Cover photo from: istock.com/Nutnarin

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