9 Memes Every Young Professional Should Know

Nothing’s worse than not getting the joke. Especially when it comes with a visual.

But we can’t all live on Reddit or spend hours a day mining comments in obscure corners of the web, so it’s no surprise we don’t register some of the Internet’s most famous and funny memes.

If we’ve already lost you, make a quick stop here.

So get familiar with these 9 memes – you don’t want to continue being this guy below.

Highly famous for spawning thousands of ways to declare a lack of f*cks given – another pretty great Internet phenomenon – eCards’ lovable cartoon depictions of human expression with clever “greetings” beat a “Happy Birthday” message any day.

This juvenile 2013 meme with a long, nerdy backstory is perhaps an indicator of how our children will speak if we don’t detach them from their smartphones. Take one of the five modifiers (very, so, such, much, many) and follow it up with a word it can’t modify, then toss in a few other one-word declarations. Such notable. Much deep. Wow.

Thanks, Obama
Who do you blame when Tim Tebow can’t find a job or BlackBerry delays their Android BBM launch? The president, of course. Thanks, conservatives, for this gem.

The Most Interesting Man in the World
You’ll remember this man from the famous 2007 Dos Equis advertising campaign. We’ll remember him for the countless hours spent scheming about what we don’t always, but when we do…

F*ck Yeah! Ryan Gosling
Hey girl, Ryan Gosling’s acknowledging your existence.

Condescending Willy Wonka
We love a bit of condescendence and patronizing courtesy of childhood hero Willy Wonka. The element of truth ingrained in most messages give this meme a deeper meaning beyond just blind insults.

Hitler’s Downfall
“This is a f*cking joke. Their last album was brilliant! A real return to form after two admittedly under-par recordings. And my tickets were for the mosh-pit too.”

Yes, Oasis’ break-up hit us hard too. 

Grammar Memes
The difference between knowing your sh*t and knowing you’re sh*t. Sometimes we wish everyone on the Internet could read all of these – there’s definitely educational merit in there somewhere.

Brace Yourselves
It’s not just winter that’s coming. Brace yourselves for New Year’s resolution gym memberships and all of your Facebook friends to be die-hard fans of whoever’s in the Superbowl final. 


Cover image from: www.thechicagogarage.com

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