9 Last-Minute Gifts You Can Give Without Leaving the House

You said it wouldn’t be like last year. You promised you would get your shopping done in November and spend the whole of December drinking mulled wine.

But the day is nearly upon us and you’ve forgotten a Christmas gift for someone (or two, or three?)

Now we know why Santa Claus made a list and checked it twice.

Well, lucky for you we’ve rounded up some great last-minute ideas to help you craft (or click) that gift without ever leaving the house.

Mason Jar Recipe
Find an empty jar that’s laying around or clean out an existing one in your cupboard. Look for a recipe in a cookbook or online for cookies or brownies that you already have the key ingredients too. Then measure these out and pop them in your jar in layers. Handwrite the recipe on a tag and attach with string and you’re good to go.

Grab a sweater you’ve grown out of or never wear, your sewing kit, and prepare to make mittens in minutes. Place your hand at the bottom of the sweater and draw around it with a pen. Then cut out the shape through both sides of the garment and sew them together.

Scrabble Coasters
If you have a Scrabble set you won’t don’t use (or will happily replace once you’ve got yourself out of this jam), get crafty. You can make coasters by gluing four-letter words to felt or cork. Theme the words by thinking of ones that match their hobbies or interests, or by the drinks they might use them for.


Yarn Wrapped Letter
Create a monogrammed letter by wrapping yarn around a letter made from MDF or card in any colour you have in your sewing box. Glue on any adornments you have and make a loop so they can hang it from their door. Perfect for any niece or cousin looking to remind their little brother whose room it is.

Make a Kit
Put together a DIY kit. Whether it’s a bar essentials pack complete with gin, a lemon and straws or a cinema set with DVD and popcorn, it’s a thoughtful and witty way to repackage some ordinary items that you might already have around the house.

Perhaps you never got around to putting up that print and you have a frame lying around. Make use of it by crafting something for them to hang on their wall – sketch or print the first letter of their name on some paper or card and decorate it with any buttons or beads you have.

If you have a printer, it’s going to be your best friend this holiday. You could book a weekend away in Montreal, concert tickets to see their favourite artist (as long as it’s not Adele), or seats at a Raptors game. Pick a date, whip out your credit card, and hit print for a memorable gift they’ll be enjoying long after Christmas.

Photo: Doug Smith

A Bottle of Wine
You’ve no doubt stocked up on booze for the Christmas period, so if you know that they’re a wine/beer/vodka drinker, why not open up your heart and cellar to your neglected companion? Pick a bottle of red you think they’ll like and decorate it with a festive bow or ribbon so it doesn’t look so much like you just opened the fridge.

TV Subscription
Bring your parents or grandparents into the 21st Century (or give your roommates the hint) this Christmas by giving them the gift of Netflix – chill optional. Purchase a six-month subscription for them and help them get set up on their laptop or TV. Alternatively, you could choose from other streaming sites out there like Shomi, Crave or Hulu.