9 Great Vegan Restaurants in Toronto You Have to Try Now

Eating vegan in Toronto used to be a bit of a challenge, but in recent years animal-free cuisine has become as normal as riding your bike to work.

Here are 9 vegan restaurants that will make you forget why you ever consumed animal products in the first place.

Hogtown Vegan

If you’ve decided to go vegan but are having a hard time giving up all the delicious meaty comfort foods of you childhood, Hogtown Vegan is here to help you. With vegan versions of (un)chicken n’ waffles, wings, and mac and cheese that as good as the original, you won’t miss your former eating habits at all.

Loving Hut

This downtown organic vegan staple offers everything you could want in a vegan restaurant without any of the pretentiously high prices we’ve come to expect from high quality organic food. It’s a win-win for those looking for a healthy, tasty place to eat out.

Vegetarian Haven

This award-winning vegan bistro serves up Asian-inspired animal-free food while also offering gluten and wheat-free options, should you be so inclined. Their all-vegan dessert menu is something else – would you like your milkshake with cookie or pie in it?


The long-running veggie and vegan chain recently expanded to its fourth location at Eglinton and Yonge, and the wave of Fresh-obsessed eaters continues to grow. This is the perfect place to take those friends of yours who think they could never eat a meal that doesn’t contain meat. They will quickly change their tune.

One Love Vegetarian

This made-from-scratch Annex veggie spot brings Jamaican cuisine to life, and while it’s more of a takeout spot than an eat-in restaurant, you’ll want to stop by regularly for the well-priced, constantly changing menu.


If you’re looking for a higher-end night out, Grasslands offers a variety of gorgeously prepared vegan options that also allow you to choose from gluten-free, nut-free and wheat-free options. Their vegan desserts are worth the trip alone.


If Chinese food is your favourite but animal products are a no go, Buddha’s is your new favourite home away from home. Get your fix of traditional dishes like General Tao’s Chicken with imitation chicken in place of the actual bird.


With locations in Yorkville and Bloor West Village, they’ve been so successful at bringing raw organic vegan food to the masses that they’ve expanded across Ontario – and like Fresh, they have their own cookbook so you can learn how to go raw at home.

Live Organic Food Bar

This plant-based, organic, gluten and refined sugar-free restaurant has been serving up delicious vegan food in Toronto since 2002 – before it was trendy, so they know what they’re doing.


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