9 Food Trends We Hope Are Here to Stay

Poutine. Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Quinoa. Cupcakes. 

No, we’re not trying to make you hungry. We’re talking foodie trends. And while some crazes last less time than it takes you down a bottle of coconut water, others stick around longer than locally sourced EVERYTHING.   

With that said, here are nine food trends we hope are here to stay.

1. Boozy Milkshakes
Milkshakes aren’t just for dates with your niece and nephew anymore. Like the frappe we recently had at the brand new Wahlburgers, boozy milkshakes are showing up on menus across North America. And they taste just as good in the winter as the summer. Not to mention, it’s practically a meal in itself. (And one that’s much more filling than a martini lunch.)

2. Cauliflower
These days, Cauliflower is front and centre, even heralded by some as the new kale (oh, to be the new kale!). And it’s not what it used to be. Some of the world’s top culinary forces are getting creative with cauliflower; it’s now served like steak, diced and roasted, sautéed, and mixed with things like bacon, or incorporated into macaroni and cheese. And because it’s low in calories and fat, and high in protein and fiber, it’s a trend we can feel good about.  

3. Tea
Tea has made a huge comeback in recent years – and not just for sipping on its own. As of late, we’ve seen tea leaves added to all kinds of entrées and desserts. Of course, there’s also been no shortage of tea-inspired cocktails.  The tea trend is reflected in the rise of chain tea Cafes, like the taking-over-everything David’s Tea.

4. Umami
Umami is the recently recognized “fifth taste,” after salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. The super savoury taste has been making appearances in dishes at some of North America’s trendiest restaurants, using umami in burgers, pastes, sauces, and even cocktails.  

5. Coconut
Of course, coconut water has already been a hangover cure for a few years. But now, coconut is being incorporated in a big way into food dishes. This means things like coconut milk pancakes and meals made with coconut butter. Coconut oil has also become well recognized for its wide-range of health benefits, like improved brain function and weight-loss abilities.

6. Toast
Toast isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Nor is it reserved solely for peanut butter and jelly. This year, toast has taken an artisanal spin across North America. Although it’s been met with some backlash for its simplicity compared to its price at restaurants, we’ve developed a soft spot for the inch-thick toast, complete with toppings like sweet cream butter, cinnamon sugar, or butter, honey, ricotta, nut butters, and sea salt. It’s even ordered like steak – from light to burnt.

7. Kaniwa
We don’t have to tell you that quinoa has become mainstream; you’re probably mowing down on a quinoa salad as we speak. Less known, however, is its little brother, kaniwa. Think baby quinoa. Similar to quinoa but smaller (duh), it’s also high in protein, fiber, and calcium and cooks quickly. It has a nutty, sweet (ish) flavour and is as versatile as quinoa – used in salads, soups, and stir-fries.

8. Acai Berries
There’s a new berry in town; and it comes with “superfood” status. Acai berries are loved by health nuts for their high levels of antioxidants, which can delay and prevent certain types of cellular damage. The fruits are usually found in processed form (as in, a powder) and found in juices, smoothies, and yoghurts.

9. Chicken Wings
There’s nothing “mild” about the growing chicken wing trend. Once a lowbrow pub food, the chicken wing has flown to new heights. It seems like almost every restaurant – regardless of type of cuisine – is offering some variation of the chicken wing these days. And this means varieties like ramen-crusted chicken wings, bacon-breaded wings, jalapeno-cheddar, maple-bacon…


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