9 First Impressions People Make Backed by Science

How many times have you heard about the significance of first impressions?

While you can dismiss the advice of your parents, teachers, friends and first boss as mere opinion – and we’re in no way suggesting you do – a little thing called science is a little less debatable. 

Business Insider recently analyzed the type of traits people characterize about you upon a first introduction, all backed by at least one reputable study.

So take notes, because according to experts, this is what people decide about you in as short a time as one-twentieth of a second:

Are you trustworthy?
Your deadline for winning them over is immediate – you don’t even have the luxury of a full second to earn their trust off the bat.

Are you high-status?
Unsurprisingly, brand-name clothes are a dead giveaway. While designer labels don’t impact impressions about many other aspects of your personality, perception of status is a lock. 

Are you straight or gay?
Opinions of a man’s sexual orientation can be formed in just a twentieth of a second. That’s about as long as it takes to recognize a face.

Are you smart?
Look your conversation partner in the eye to score a ‘yes’ on this judgment. Thick glasses can assist as well. 

Are you promiscuous?
Do you sport visible tattoos? Science says you’re perceived to enjoy a few extra drinks and are more open sexually than those without ink.  

Are you dominant?
Perhaps one social situation where being bald is a major plus.  

Are you successful?
We don’t have to tell you the benefits of a tailored suit, do we?  

Are you about to be promoted?
See above re. suits. Dressing the part is essential for positive first impressions surrounding status, success, and moving up the career ladder. 

Are you adventurous?
Do you saunter or strut? Trot or tread? Your personality is engrained in your step.


Cover image by: istock.com/alphaspirit

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