9 Caesar Recipes to Spice Up Your Sunday Brunch

All hail Canada’s official drink.

Why official? Well, sources say Canadians consume so much Mott’s Clamato cocktail that we could make over 350 million Caesars a year.

That’s why we love you, Canada.

The Caesar dates back to 1969 and was created by Walter Chell of the Owl’s Nest Bar in Calgary, Alberta. We’ll never know what made him think to mix clam juice, tomatoes, and vodka, but we do know that our hangovers have been thanking him ever since. 

So to help you and your friends out after a weekend binge, we gathered 9 of our favourite Bloody Caesar recipes to help any current headaches.


Uncle Bill’s Caesar

The Ultimate Fully Loaded Bloody Mary

Snow Crab Bloody Caesar

Spicy Caesar Recipe  

Caesar with Maple Bacon Jerky

Saffron Caesar

Smoked Lime & Tequila Caesar

Caesar Fresa

Shrimp Bloody Caesar Shooters


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