9 Accessories You Can Only Find at Toronto’s Gilding the Lily

We gained yet another reason to hit the Distillery District earlier this summer when accessory-filled Gilding the Lily opened up shop.  

The store is run by celebrity stylist Annie Jagger, who seems to have worked with half of Hollywood, including names like Jessica Simpson, Bradley Cooper, Matt Damon, Nicole Ritchie and Vanessa Hudgens, among many others. 

The best part about Gilding the Lily (which is named after her adorable white-blonde 4-year-old daughter) is that it houses an eclectic assortment of finds you can’t get anywhere else in Canada; you’d have to travel to LA for some of these pieces.

Naturally, many are celeb favourites.  

Here are our top 9 picks: 

Anna Karin Karlsson Eyewear Rose Rouge sunglasses.
Yeah, they’re a bit out there… which could be why Lady Gaga is such a fan of these glasses. There’s no going incognito in these, which is kind of why we love them.  

Handmade Simone Camille clutch. 
Pair these handmade clutches with jean shorts and a t-shirt and you’ve got a match made in Sunday Funday heaven. 

Alessia Magnotta‘s gold signature bow ring.
Because you can never have enough dainty little rings. The designer is Gilding the Lily’s first Canadian designer.

Gladys Tamez Millinery hats.
If you’re looking for a weekend hat to shield you from the last of summer’s rays, we love these very California babe Gladys Tamez hats. She also does bespoke hats. 

Jacquie Aiche ruby shark tooth earring and starburst ear jacket.
Rihanna is a fan of the edgy Jacquie Aiche designs. Not only do these pieces add edge to your ears, they are also small enough to get away with at the office. 

Smith + Mara‘s constellation necklace.  
Celebrities like Sophia Bush and Nina Dobrev are big Smith + Mara fans. 

Rona Pfeiffer cigar band ring.
There will always be a time and place for statement rings. Jessica Alba wore her Rona Pfiffer rings to the MTV Awards.

Ruby rings from Gara Danielle, Elahn Jewels and Jacquie Aiche. 
These ruby rings are the only accessories you need. And three rings are always better than one. 

Smith + Mara black diamond matchstick necklace.
Up close, you’re not as innocent as you may seem with this unique matchstick necklace. 


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