8 Worst Case First Date Scenarios

Since we’ve seen it all in the worst case first date department, we thought we would offer some advice.

Basically, if you do any of these eight things, you will get discussed with the guys and girls the next day.

And no, you probably won’t get a second date.

1. They Show Up Drunk
Sure, you may be a little nervous before a first date, but it’s never a good idea to down a few glasses of wine before you show up. If the two of you have never met in person, he or she may assume that your loud and aloof intoxicated self is your real self. And once your eyes begin to shut a few glasses in, it’s a dead giveaway that you got a head start in the booze department. It’s just not a good look. 

2. They Leave You With the Bill

It’s one thing to split the bill, it’s another to “pretend” offer to reach for the wallet, and it’s quite another to leave the venue – and the other person – with an unpaid bill if the date’s not going the way you wanted it to. Trust us, this doesn’t just happen in the movies. If you’re going to end the date abruptly, at least throw down your credit card before you get the hell out of there.

3. They’re More than 30 Minutes Late
Arriving 15 minutes late to a date is acceptable (and if the other person doesn’t think so, then perhaps they’re too anal retentive for you); arriving half an hour late or more (text or no text) is totally not. Why? Because the other person looks and feels like a fool as they sit there alone and wait for you.

4. They Take a Phone Call
It’s bad enough to text during drinks or dinner (save that for when they go to the bathroom), but it’s even worse to pick up a phone call. Hell, it would be rude even if you were married to the person. Even if it’s mom and dad calling, call them back once the date is over.

5. They Neg You

We’re all familiar with the term “negging” by now, and sadly, many have failed to realize that it’s the worst possible strategy in winning someone over. If he or she doesn’t seem into you, it’s not going to help your cause to get defensive and try to bring them down. This is difficult for some to believe, we know.

6. They Take You Somewhere They Know the Bartender
Sure, we appreciate the perks of knowing the bartender. But it’s never a good idea to book a first date at a place where you’re friends with the bartender – and to sit at the bar. For the other person, it automatically feels like you’ve brought your sidekick along to assess the date – and immediately discuss when you’re in the bathroom.

7. They Suggest Making You Dinner
We get it, you may want to show off your culinary talents and avoid a hefty dinner tab. But inviting the other person over for dinner on a first date (unless you’ve been friends for years) is never a good idea. First dates are awkward enough; you need to meet on neutral ground and in a public space.

8. They’re Rude to the Waiter
The way your date treats waiters and other employees at a restaurant reveals a lot about him or her. If they’re rude, condescending, or talk down to the staff, this probably means that they’re uppity snobs who are difficult to please. Not to mention, dating him or her will likely mean a future full of mortifying restaurant moments. 


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