8 Ways You Can Help Charities Without Donating Money

We all know there are many deserving charities that do great work and there are many reasons why we like them.

They work hard everyday to solve humanity’s biggest challenges. From breast cancer, to wildfire and disaster relief, they’re everywhere help is needed.

But they also need support to keep their organization running – and hopefully growing – so they can help more people.

Though sometimes we simply can’t afford to break our budget or donate. And this not only makes us feel bad, it also does nothing to help those most in need.

Thankfully, there are ways here are 8 ways to easily help charities without donating.


Dine Out at the Right Restaurants
Sounds counter intuitive but dining out at 1FORhunger restaurants allows help charities as well. Anytime you order a 1FORhunger branded menu item at participating restaurants, you get a meal and they’ll give a meal to someone in need. A week after you get a picture of the meal that was donated on your behalf, showing you the impact of your meal at no additional cost to you.


Browse Around
As easy as that. Websites like Freerice.com and The Hunger Site allow you to give rice and meals to people in need every time you click a button. Save these pages as your default pages when you open your browser and give a meal a day. You can also install the Tab for a cause Chrome extension and raise funds for charities every time you open a new tab.\

Lend Your Voice
Seriously. Organizations like VocalID allow you to record your voice to help people who rely on computerized speech by giving them a custom voice tailored to their unique personality.

Donate Things Other Than Money
Donating blood is a simple thing that we all can do but rarely prioritize. Yet, when disaster strikes, it’s one of the most needed items. Organizations such as Canadian Blood Services make it easy for you to schedule when and where to give. You can also shave your head or donate locks of hair for charity.

One of the under appreciated tasks that we can do to help charities is advocate on their behalf. Whether or not you have funds to donate, you can also raise awareness, grow a moustache, or even start a crowdfunding campaign. Sometimes clicking that ‘like’ button might encourage someone else to read that post and hopefully donate.

Donate Clothes
This is something a lot of us have done, but it’s always a good reminder. The two items that are least donated: socks and underwear. At shelters, these items are always highest in demand, so next time you buy underwear think about buying from a company like Kitts, which gives a pair for everyone sold.

Computer Time
Perhaps one of the easiest tasks to do is almost nothing. You can donate the idle time of your computer for the SETI@home project, which uses the idle time of millions of volunteer personal computers to crunch data from large radio telescopes in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Volunteer Your Skills
Apart from volunteering to clean up a park or paint a room, you can also volunteer your professional expertise. Are you an accountant? Charities may need help with accounting once a month. Are you a web designer? Charities need to update their website. You can find more information on websites like Volunteer Toronto.