8 Things to Tell Yourself Before You Drink and Text Over the Holidays

It’s easy to feel a little lonely during the holidays.

It’s even easier to get a little drunk.

And we shouldn’t have to tell you that it’s not always a pretty combination. So here are 8 things to tell yourself the next time you’re thinking of drinking and texting this season…

1. He/She Knows How to Get a Hold of You
Listen, we know as well as you do that it’s almost impossible to not think of your ex during the holidays. And maybe a part of you wants to check in to see how he or she is doing. But before you drunkenly reach for your phone in a warm fuzzy nostalgic beer buzz, consider the fact that they know very well how to get ahold of you. And they’re not. The same can be said for that Tinder date you’ve seen a few times now. If they want to contact you; they probably will.

2. They Could Be in Bed with Someone Else
If the urge strikes to send your ex a jibberish-filled holiday greeting at 2am, remind yourself that he or she could be in bed with someone else. And that someone else is not going to be happy when your name pops up on the iPhone next to the bed (even if it does give you a passive-aggressive thrill). Plus, it’s just not a good look for you. You don’t want them to think you’ve taken the train wreck route.

3. They’re Going to Know You Were Drunk
Whether it’s your ex, or the person you kind of, sort of started dating a few weeks back, it doesn’t take a genius to know that you were probably a few deep when you sent the message. Of course, it’s not the end of the world, but it inevitably invites the question as to why he or she crossed your mind at the time in the first place. (Hint: it starts with booty and ends with call.)

4. You’re Setting Yourself Up for An Awkward Interaction Tomorrow
If the hangover isn’t enough to deal with, you’re going to face an awkward interaction in the morning if you go ahead and hit send. Or – perhaps even worse – your message could be met with radio silence, making you feel like even more of a tool. Word of advice – don’t backtrack with an explanation or apology text the next day. Just leave it and live with your shame spiral all on your own.

5. You Probably Don’t Sound Too Smart
As brilliant, witty, and engaging as you think your text is, we promise – it definitely isn’t. Seriously. No matter how many ‘big words’ you try to use, you’re not going to come across as intelligent as you would have a few hours back – you know, that magical time at the beginning of the night when you were still sober and knew better than to text at all.

6. You’re Wasting a Chance to Play the Contact Card
Anyone who’s ever dated anyone knows the importance of timing and strategy when it comes to making contact. If you really want to find out how your ex or crush is doing, don’t you think it will be more impactful to send a well thought out email tomorrow than those few sloppy sentences via text tonight? What a waste of words.

7. It’s Not You, it’s the Time of Year
Remind yourself that your desire to contact him or her is probably nothing more than the product of the holidays. When all the eating, drinking, and being merry ends come January 1st, so will your holiday blues, occasional loneliness, and warm fuzzy feeling that makes you crave human contact. Likely, so will your desire to contact them.

8. Get Off Your Damn Phone and Enjoy the Party
Why are spending the holiday party on your phone anyway? You’re missing all the festive fun to be had around you and look kind of lame in the corner (supported by the wall) staring at your phone. Plus, taking a chance on real life texting – aka: talking – might even lead to meeting someone new. 


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