8 Terrible Kinds of Gifts You Should Never Give Anyone You Care About

Gift: usually a very good thing to receive.

Some people, though, are terrible at buying presents for other people. So terrible, in fact, that they develop a reputation so strong that it’s almost a benefit not to invite them to situations where an exchange of gifts occurs.

In case we weren’t clear: You do not want to be one of those people – something best achieved by steering clear of buying anything for someone you care about that falls within these 8 categories:

1. Cash
Money is the safest, most practical choice of gifts, and simultaneously says you couldn’t be bothered to put more than two seconds of thought into it. “Who are you, my uncle?

2. Something From Your Last Vacation
Just because you went to Paris doesn’t mean I suddenly have a deep appreciation for exquisite cheese wheels. IT WAS YOUR TRIP.

3. Something for the Gym
…when it’s not abundantly clear that the person is into fitness. This is just a very candid way of telling someone they should lose weight.

4. Gift Cards
All the thoughtlessness of cash but with limitations!

5. A Pet
This suggestion would be completely outrageous if we didn’t already know someone who unwillingly had a living thing with a lifespan of 12 years bestowed upon them on their birthday. Gifts with more than a decade of responsibility are not gifts at all.

6. Personal Grooming/Hygiene Products
Picture the face of someone who just unwrapped a handheld laser hair removal system in front of their close friends – don’t be the person who initiates that faces with this terrible choice of a gift.

7. Self-Help Books
These are best purchased by the person seeking help.

8. Something YOU Really Love
Fishing for the “actually, why don’t you keep it?” response is both immature and painfully obvious.