8 Spring and Summer Outdoor Workouts You Need to Try This Year

The sun is shining, the weather is finally (sorta) starting to warm up, and beach season is just around the corner.

This means you can finally ditch the gym and get back to getting your sweat on in the great outdoors.

So here are 8 of our favourite summer workouts that will take you right through bathing suit season and into the fall.

1. Rock Climbing
While you could do this indoors, the real thing is much more of an adventure. Enjoy these months of warmth to test the skills you’ve built up indoors on the real thing.
2. Waterfall Rappelling
While repelling down a cliff doesn’t sound nearly as hard as climbing up one, add the pressure of the nonstop flow of cold water barreling down on you, and it takes more finesse than one might realize. It’s also the most fun you’ll ever have working out.
3. Marathon Training
Now that the ice has melted, runners around the city are rejoicing. Marathons happen all throughout the spring and summer, and now’s the time to hit the pavement and start training for the big day.
4. CrossFit
As trendy as CrossFit has become in gyms, the style of exercise was invented with the outdoors in mind. If you’re going to be flipping tires to get buff, you should be getting a little dirty while you’re at it.
5. Park Yoga
The only thing zenner than yoga in a dimly lit studio is yoga amongst nature. Warm weather means you can give all your sun salutations directly to the day star, and practice tree pose among the leaves.
6. Surfing
While Canada doesn’t exactly have the best water for surfing (east and west coasts excluded), if you happen to do some travelling, consider taking some surf lessons to get your workout in. You’ll understand exactly how physically demanding it is the next day – when every single muscle in your body is sore.
7. Canoeing/Kayaking
For a low intensity workout, consider renting a canoe with a friend (or take a kayak for a solo adventure). It’s a great way to give those often ignored arms a workout, and 30 minutes of moderate paddling will burn 240 calories.
8. Water Jogging
It sounds silly, but water actually provides some intense resistance, increasing the calorie burn you’d get in the same running time from gravity alone. Plus, it’s much kinder on your knees. Find a community pool, or even better, a lake or ocean. 

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