8 Reasons You Should Attend the Notable and Apothic Discovery Sessions

Over the next month, Notable is jet setting across the country to throw a collection of unbelievable parties with the hottest young professionals (YPs) Canada has to offer.


And in case you haven’t heard, this cross-Canada tour is going to involve a September 17th bash at Calgary’s Black Betty Burger & Winebar.  

So if you need your rubber arm twisted just a little more, we’re giving you seven great reasons you need to step up and get a ticket today.

Reason 1
Wine. Apothic wine.

And lots of it. 

Reason 2
Did we mention there’ll be Apothic wine?

Well, how about the fact that Apothic’s amazing profile has been specially paired with Black Betty’s outstanding menu. 

Reason 3
Hello Kaillie Humphries.

Have you seen this girl in action? She’s not only the darling of the Canadian Olympic circuit but she’s also a two-time world champion. Kaillie Humphries has more than a few inspiring things to share with YPs.

Reason 4
What warms you up better than a glass of wine?

That’s right—nothing.

Reason 5
This hot fall party will help you forget that winter has come early to Alberta. This is the definition of a welcome distraction.  

Reason 6
Jump outside your comfort zone and do a little networking. You just never know what might happen in a Notable crowd. In any case, we guarantee this is going to be the best post-work crowd you’ll see all year.

Reason 7
Wine lingo is amazing. It’s fun, flirty, and best of all, makes you sound like a pro. And there’s obviously no better time to drop some great one-liners than while sipping on Apothic with other notable YPs. Here are a few of our favourites:

“Just look at the legs on this wine. Incredible.”

“I’m loving the nose”

“This is one sexy red”

Reason 8
Who says heels are only for the weekend? Break out some stilettos mid-week while you sip on Apothic wines and get some winning tips from someone who’s already won at the highest level (aka: Reason #3).



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