8 Reasons to Visit New York This Fall

If there was ever a time to visit the sleepless hub of fashion, culture, sight-seeing, and partying that is New York City, it’s in the fall.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the city year-round, but here are eight reasons we love it a little more this season…

1. The Shopping 
Don’t kid yourself; whether vintage stores, sample sales, or upscale boutiques, few things compare to the shopping in New York.

But go before the streets and department stores are overrun with the holiday shoppers. If you are known to brave the crowds, don’t forget that Black Friday is on November 28th. 

Oh, and speaking of vintage, you may also want to check out the Manhattan Village Clothing Show (October 24th and 25th).

2. The Colours in Central Park
If you’re looking for Instagram shots to document that quintessential #NYCinthefall moment, the multi-coloured leaves in Central Park provide the ultimate backdrop.

The most magical spot to check out the best of the colours is Literary Walk and the vibrant elm trees that form a canopy above. Other notable areas include Bow Bridge or on the rocks near the Alice in Wonderland sculpture. Stick around for the ultimate autumn sunset; one of the best spots to catch one is in ‘The Mall’ section of Central Park that runs from 66th to 72nd Street (the same area as Literary Walk).

3. It’s Less Overrun With Tourists
Though we wouldn’t turn down a trip to NYC in the summer months, exploring the city and all of its sites (if you’re going to do the tourist thing) is much more enjoyable in the fall than it is in the smoggy summer, when the streets are jam-packed with sweaty, fanny pack-wearing tourists (not to mention lineups).

4. The Flights and Hotels Are (Generally) More Affordable 
Your wallet will thank you for waiting until fall to take that NYC trip.

Of course, there are exceptions (like American Thanksgiving), but hotels and flights are generally more affordable in the fall months than they are at the height of summer tourist season.

5. Football Sundays Are More Fun
We may try, but we just don’t have the same Sunday football culture as our friends South of the Border do. 

And New York is no exception – whether you’re a Giants or Jets fan (or neither, actually). Hit a bar like 40/40 Club (after 5pm) Johnny Utah’s, or Standings for the ultimate Sunday Funday spent mixing and mingling with fellow feel-no-pain young professionals. 

6. You Can Start the Skating Season Early
If you’re craving the start of winter sports, you can bust out those skates (or rentals) earlier in NYC than you can here in Canada.

Early, meaning next week – October 13th to be exact – when the The Rockefeller Centre rink opens. You’ll probably have more personal skating space if you go sooner rather than waiting for the holiday season.

7. The Arts and Culture Scene Kicks Up a Notch
Though it’s bustling 24/7 throughout the year, the arts and culture scene kicks up a notch in NYC in the autumn months.

Notable concerts include Foster the People (October 24th, 25th), Weezer (October 27th), Stevie Wonder (November 6th), Usher (November 7th), Canada’s own New Pornographers (November 17th), Diana Krall (November 22nd), and Bob Dylan and His Band (November 28th, 29th).

There’s also no shortage of art exhibitions. Our notable picks include “Robert Gober: The Heart Is Not a Metaphor” at MOMA; “Judith Scott: Bound and Unbound” at the Brooklyn Museum; and “Chris Ofili: Night and Day” at the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

Of course, Broadway is as alive as ever in the fall months – and it obviously sounds much cooler to say “I saw it in New York.”

8. It’s Romantic
Not only is fall the most romantic time of year, NYC is one of the most romantic cities in the world during the autumn months.

Grab your significant other and channel films like When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail. The crisp fall air means long romantic walks as you explore the city together – complete with comfy sweaters, warm drinks, and handholding.



Cover image from: Istockphoto.com/Ultima_Gaina

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