8 Reasons to Respect the Young Professional Artist

Nobody said it was easy to be an artist.

From the constant highs and lows to the massive sacrifices made, it’s definitely a challenge for the urban artsy set of young professionals.

From visual artists to musicians, actors, and dancers – most artists share many of the same traits.

And while you’re busy disregarding them all as ‘hipsters’, or staying away from bars that are too ‘artsy,’ you should instead be giving a lot of respect to the artist.

Here are just 8 reasons why:

1. They don’t care what you think
Though they’ve been told since university to “have a back-up plan”, “get a day job”, or “just do it on the side”, most artists haven’t listened. Do you know how difficult it is to hear that every day and still follow your dream? Not to mention, if they ever become known for their work, they’ll care even less.

2. They know what it’s like to struggle
Artists know more than anyone what it’s like to struggle. The early struggle of an artist means periods of success and subsequent temporary financial stability (just ask any actor who books a major national commercial) only to be followed by prolonged periods of little work or income and anxiety when it comes to paying the rent. For this very reason, it’s no surprise that many of our city’s servers, bartenders, and mixologists are also artists by day (and probably have another side job too).

3. They constantly sacrifice
Even when they move beyond the struggle phase (if that ever happens), being an artist means constant sacrifice, as it’s difficult to live a “safe and stable life” as one. Most music gigs happen in the evening and going on tour removes you from your friends and family for months at a time. An acting job may require you to relocate for months at a time as well – impacting everything from relationships to pets. But they know it’s worth it.

4. They’re passionate as hell
Whether they’re lost in the emerging colourful masterpiece of their paintbrush, consumed deep in their own world while singing and playing the guitar, or completely transformed into a different person on stage or in front of the camera, the artists are some of the most passionate people out there – and it goes beyond their art. Artists aren’t afraid to feel deeply, love hard, and to express themselves in all ways possible.

5. They’re disciplined
As much as you’ve had to grind that pavement and work your butt off to climb the corporate ladder in your profession, young professionals artists have been working to practice, perfect, and execute their craft for years (aka: most of their lives). They’ll sit at home and read scripts for the fun of it, break the bank with one acting or music class after another, and even isolate themselves in remote locations to perfect a painting. So, just because they get to sleep in a little more than you, it doesn’t mean they’re not working hard all night long.

6. They’re risk-takers
While they put in countless hours of work to perfect their craft, give up financial security and a “safe” life, and pour every ounce of their heart and soul into their work – some artists may never make it big enough to live the life they had hoped for (as modest as that life may be). Couple that with the fact that you’re only as good as your last job or show and the artsy set are pretty damn brave if we do say so ourselves. With the chance of failure high from the get-go, artists take some serious risks.

7. They could one day be rich and famous
All that risk taking could actually pay off; there are few barriers as to the potential success of an artist. Their work may someday influence millions. That cute waitress who serves you at your local happy hour hangout could book the audition of a lifetime and be off to shoot a Hollywood blockbuster next week. That guy who kills it at the open mic may get discovered one random night by the right career-changing connection in the venue and end up with a major record deal not too long after. That piece of art you scooped up from a young local artist could one day be worth many thousands. Respect possibility.

8. They enrich our cities
Young local artists are what breathe life into our cities, now more so than ever – and on any given night. Not only do ample live comedy, music, indie theatre, art events, and dance options serve to entertain (and make a great dates), they also add to the cultural richness of our urban centres and the country as a whole, making it a lot more attractive to visiting friends and tourists in the process.



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