8 ‘Mom’ Sayings That Turned Out To Be Right

Growing up, Mom seemed to have the solution to everything.

And hell, she may still be the first person you call when things go wrong or get a little too real to handle all on your own.

Which kind of makes it seem as if all expectant females were reading the same book, ‘cause every mother appears to resort to the same tried-and-true sayings when the time comes.  

But as it turns out (after not listening and learning the hard way), the years she has on us were worth something – a wealth of seasoned knowledge. And those sayings weren’t just tactics to shut us up.

Here are 8 sayings you now know your mom was right about…

“Never go to sleep angry.”
Though it used to be a rule in your household growing up, the ‘never go to bed angry’ rule rings especially true for young professional couples. We’ve all been there – the stupid argument at the end of an evening out that’s likely fuelled by alcohol and ridiculousness that results in door slamming and a mild screaming match. You’ll get a better sleep and won’t wake up with that sick realization that it wasn’t a dream if you resolve things the night before…and seal it with a kiss (and whatever follows…).

“It is what it is.”
As much as we try, some things – like rain on a cottage weekend, an unresponsive love interest or getting sick before a big charity event when you’ve already bought your ticket – are simply out of our control. Give yourself a few minutes to get angry or annoyed, but then make your life and the situation easier simply by accepting it for what it is. Getting yourself all worked up will only make things worse. Why bother?

“Whatever will be will be.”
Of course, there’s some degree of planning when it comes to the future – things like RRSPs, buying property, and leading a healthy lifestyle will probably affect your quality of life later on. But there’s little point in over-analyzing and worrying about every single decision, person, and choice you make on a daily basis as it relates to your future (that just hurts our brain by thinking about it). As Mom told you from the start, it will all work out in the end (no matter how crappy the interim may be). Failure can mean the greatest life lessons.

“Think before you speak.”
Mom always told you to think before you speak…and in theory the concept is simple. But, especially in our increasingly fast-paced young professional lives when every minute is of the essence, we’re all guilty of speaking (or writing) out instead of taking time to assess the potential impacts of our words and how they will be interpreted. Sometimes, it’s better to say nothing at all than to say too much. Even Abe thinks so.

“Treat others the way you want to be treated.”
Perhaps the true effect of this statement isn’t felt until (maybe in an act of karma, if you’re into that sort of thing) somebody burns you in the exact same way you burned someone else in the past. Again, it’s so simple, but if you’d be annoyed/pissed-off/hurt if somebody treated you a certain way, so for God’s sake, why would you do it to them? (This also goes along with the whole thinking before speaking thing).

“Be careful what you wish for.”  
As many successful young professionals know, sometimes the things you’ve always wanted can end up being the very things that cause the most stress in your life. For example, that dream job you’ve always wanted could be what prevents you from having that relationship you so crave; that model you’ve always wanted to marry could become increasingly horrible in the conversation department, and that dream car could attract attention for all the wrong reasons (and cost you a ton in gas and maintenance).  

“Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you?”
There are few young professionals who haven’t fallen hard for someone who didn’t see them the same way…or have taken way too long to get over a break-up because their grasping-for-straws brain won’t give up the fight and lingering hope (as in, she/he returned at least one of my texts this week – so that must mean something…). Though we all love a good chase (it’s human nature), the last thing anyone needs is to feel like they’re waving their hands in someone’s face, begging them to notice you. And if you don’t want to hear the harsh truth, then don’t go crying to Mom about it.

 “Don’t forget to wash behind your ears.”  
Had to throw that in there…because, really, you probably do this everyday out of habit.

Thanks, Mom.



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