8 Indulgent Date Ideas to Celebrate Your Relationship

If you’ve managed to find love and compatibility in today’s next-to-impossible dating culture, you deserve to celebrate your relationship with your significant other (SO) any chance you have.

Of course, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time – some of the best dates are of the cheap and cheerful variety.

But every once in awhile (if your budget allows), if you’re going to indulge in anything, it should be on a date with your SO. Here are 8 ways how:

1. Have a Surf n Turf Night In
An indulgent date night doesn’t have to take you out of your home. Splurge on a little surf n turf meal at home with lobster, scallops, crab, steak, and, of course, wine. Make it interesting and more interactive (if you can stomach it) and buy the lobsters live. Don’t forget a playlist for all your prep work.

SHANGHAI The Bull _ Claw

2. Plan a Luxury Staycation
Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to revamp both your sex life and to feel like you’re properly celebrating a relationship milestone. If you book the right spot, you don’t have to leave as you dine your way through the hotel’s award-winning restaurants, pamper yourself at the spa, and sample cocktails at the bar (complete with live music). As an added bonus, make breakfast in bed mandatory.

Photo – Fairmount Royal Hotel

3. Take a Helicopter Ride Over the City
Check out your city from a whole new perspective with a helicopter ride high above the concrete. The thrill of the adventure will offer an adrenaline-filled bonding experience that will last long after the chopper touched back down (and you know what that means).


4. Charter a Boat
Days spent on a boat are always the most memorable (not to mention, they make for great photo ops) of the season. When we have so few precious months of the summer to begin with, you may as well take full advantage of it on a boat with your SO.


5. Turn Lunch into Dinner
Hit a spot that’s known for fabulous lunches, dinners and cocktails, and camp out for the late afternoon and evening. Perhaps choose a place with both casual and more upscale dining options. That way, you can do lunch and drinks on the patio, then move inside for a more refined dining experience once the sun goes down.


6. Hit Wine Region
Plan a mini-getaway to your closest wine region for a day of wine tasting, lunching, and biking your way through the picturesque area. To make a weekend out of it, book a cute little B&B so that nobody has to be the designated driver.

Fall in Tokaj

7. Have a Wine and Cheese Party at Home
You don’t have to venture into wine country to indulge in a quality wine tasting experience – plan a wine and cheese tasting with your SO at home. Splurge on a few bottles of wine that you’d never pay for in a restaurant and an assortment of quality cheeses. The best part? You can sip and swirl in your sweatpants. 


8. Do Afternoon Tea at The Ritz
There’s something distinctively special and memorable about an afternoon tea at The Ritz Carlton (not to mention, it’s an excuse rock your Sunday best). Book a few hours off with your SO and indulge in a high-end tea party complete with sweets and mini cakes

Photo – Ritz Carlton Toronto