8 Great Ways for Singles to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may look like a day designed specifically for people in classic pair-based relationships, but don’t let that fool you; Valentine’s Day is here for us to celebrate love and relationships of all shapes and sizes.

Perhaps you’re overdue for a celebration of yo’ bad self. Or maybe you’ve been so busy with career stuff that your friendships are in need of a good old-fashioned throw-down.

And guess what? Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, and according to Statistics Canada, about 14 million people in this country are single…now that’s math everyone can do.

Here are a few ways you can make the most of this year’s love-fest without the baggage of one of those relationship thingies… 

Make Dinner for Friends

When was the last time you just made an entire meal for your friends just because you love them? If you answered, “last week,” then kudos to you – now stop trying to ruin the article. Find some folks you appreciate, invite them over and put together a menu from the heart. Or from the crockpot – whichever is handy. Today is for spreading love to the most important people in your lives and we all know what the way to most people’s hearts is through their stomachs.  

Skype with Someone Who No Longer Lives in Your City

Many of us have friends that have jumped ship to new exotic places like London, New York, Dubai, and of course, Cleveland. It’s important that we don’t let distance get in the way of our relationships; pick up your tablet, your laptop or your smartphone and get some face-to-face time with a friend. We know how fun it is to use with a mirror or snuggling with a dog, but today, Snapchat doesn’t count.  

Go to a Show or a Concert

Go show your love of talent to the musicians and performers also not doing couply stuff on Valentine’s Day. There is always lots of stuff going on. For instance, in Toronto Sam Roberts is playing Massey Hall, The Stars and Hey Rosetta! are playing at the Danforth Music Hall, comedian John Frusciante is doing a very fitting one-man show based on the book, Men are from Mars – Women are from Venus, and Trey Parker’s Cannibal! The Musical will officially be up and running at the Panasonic Theatre. Or go to the Canadian International Autoshow; what could possibly be sexier than hundreds of hot new cars sprawled around a room just waiting for you to explore every inch of their interiors and exteriors? Touching is highly encouraged. Just not around the mini-vans… that would be weird.


It’s Saturday – Go Party

Gather your single friends, get old school, and have a pre-drink, play Tinder together, put on your best pair of fitted jeans and go tear the roof off a place. As we mentioned in the intro, this country has about 14 million singles in it, so if there’s one night they’re going to want to celebrate their freedom, it’s tonight. There’s a good reason why we’ve been trying for years to formally introduce February 15th as “Take a Stranger to Brunch” day. 

Drink Excellent Wine and Watch a Movie that Has NOTHING to Do With Love

Perhaps you’re in a low-key mood. Then hit the liquor store and grab a nice bottle of Amarone, or maybe a California Cab, or perhaps a Château-Grillet from the land of romance itself. Pour it into a decanter, let it breath, and then respectfully devour it while you watch a Jason Statham movie or something involving a witty heist. There are thousands of movies that both entertain and remind you that not everything is about crushes and corny gifts. Pick one and enjoy it with the love of everyone’s life; fermented grapes.  

Get a Massage & a Relaxing Water Treatment

Sure you could just do a generic spa visit, but the real goods are in the water treatments. If you’re not familiar with this stuff, check out Body Blitz for some inspiration. It’s a great spa in Toronto that not only offers great general services but a therapeutic “water circuit” that could relax a hyena. Dead sea salts, steam, cold plunge, sauna, Epsom salts, shower, repeat. Not only does the water circuit not require a boyfriend, it doesn’t allow one; women only. Sorry boys.

Don’t Give a S*it

We’re not suggesting you be cynical or crabby about the whole thing, but at the end of the day, it is just a day, and it’s far from a mandatory one. So while we always encourage a positive attitude and celebrating people, life, and love as often as possible, one option for this year’s Valentine’s Day is to just make it, “Saturday”. Sure, a lot of restaurants are offering special menus and the W Network will show a Drew Barrymore movie, but that’s their call. This day, like just about any other, is whatever you want to make it. And if you want to play both sides and eat some extra candy, we certainly won’t tell anyone.


Cover image from: istock.com/AnnaOmelchenko

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